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Angiogram (Catheter) versus CT Angiography?

I am disabled and in a wheelchair and cannot stand or walk at all. I recently went to my GP with breathlessness and mild chest pain when transferring from chair to to other support, and I have been told I have a heart murmur by the consultant at the cardio dept of the local county hospital. He has made an appointment for me to have an angiogram (catheter) yet this hospital has a less invasive procedure called a CT Angiography which is not risky. Can I tell them I don't want the invasive procedure and ask to have the less invasive CT Angiography? What reasons could they have for sending me for the more invasive procedure, which to be honest, scares the life out of me?

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Hi, thanks for your rsponse bigleg. It was the cardio consultant at the hospital who made the appointment for the angiogram, not my GP.



I can't answer your whole question but if you do end up having an angiogram they are not too bad. I had an angiogram and angioplasty a few months ago. Local anaesthetic to the arm and up goes the Cather though the arm- a bit sore but better than the dentist! They then fitted a stent whilst they were at it. Whole procedure 30 mins and stayed in overnight. The plus was they gave me a happy potion so was well chirpy when I came out of the Cather lab ! So don't worry too much- good luck.


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