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Why take statins when my angiogram came out clear?


I have had all major heart tests : CATscan, Cardiac MRI, Angiogram, as well as ECGs and blood tests this past year. The scans and angiogram came out completely clear. The doctor at the angiogram called my arteries "pristine"! And yet I have had high cholesterol (7+) sometimes going down to 5 for the last several years. My ECGs show an inverted T Wave on a regular but inconsistent basis and some of my bloodwork (besides cholesterol) comes outside the norm.

Sometimes I have had chest pains during or after exercise.

The cardiologist discharged me from the service to the care of my GP, with the instructions to "vigorously address" any issues related to cardiac problems.

I was also sent for an abdominal scan, which revealed some fatty liver and small gallstones. Thus the probable cause of my ambulance ride to A&E in January and why I had an angiogram, because it felt like a heart attack and I responded to sublingual nitro and had those crazy T waves.

My GP now wants me to take statins. I want to really concentrate on lowering my bad cholesterol naturally. I understand that statins can, among other things, affect your liver! If I already have some sort of liver issue but my arteries are "pristine", why should I take statins? AND can high cholesterol have any other negative affects besides plaque? Phew! Sorry for the long post, but I am truly baffled! Thank you

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Very good question!, When I asked a similar question, I was told I need to bring my cholesterol down and the stating will undo all the damages so far done?

Any way few tests and cardiologist appointment, Do I need statin, the answer came no not at the moment and this was 6 years ago. took statin for two weeks and cholesterol came down to 2.8, and side effects. No more statin. So far all OK. Only time will tell.

Please ask your GP for a risk analysis. and a full explanation and how taking statin can help you. You may want to consider regular exercise and watching out for free and hidden sugar in food and drinks.

By the way did NHS do all the above mentioned tests?

Ngoat55 in reply to sandybrown

Thank you! Very helpful. Yes, all the tests were on NHS. It sounds like I have been incredibly fortunate with the response and treatment. Maybe because I live in London? What government cuts and privatisation have done to our beloved health service!

I had a similar reading. Ended up in A&E because of a funny heart reading. Was put on statins there as my cholesterol was nearly 7. Had a 3D heart scan and it showed everything was fine, arteries clear. My consultant told me I was fine and could stop statins and whatever else they had put me on while in hospital and discharged me. Since then I read that statins do nothing to stop heart attacks. People are now put on them much sooner at much lower levels purely because the big pharmaceutical companies have managed this. Statins are the number one drug when it comes to giving them a high return. I was discharged by a great consultant and told not to take statins. It sounds to me your experience was very similar soo if I was you I would not take them.

Ngoat55 in reply to Emma2017

Hmmm, I wondered about that. I changed my meds to aspirin, and the pharmacist was counselling me to go back to the prescribed Rx. He also was super keen for me to use statins....

Thank you for replying!

Rob6868 in reply to Emma2017

Emma at last someone who has taken the time to research and find out the truth about this disgusting drug that makes billions off the back of others misery all for the sake of cholesterol 😂😂😂We all know or should know by now that cholesterol is NOT the problem and we should be eating good fats including saturated and keeping as clear as possible from carbs and that low fat crap that was rammed down out throats for years so the nig companies like kellogs just one name(sue me) can make there millions. Stop worrying about your child. If your body wanted low cholesterol why does iy makes huge amounts daily when its depleted because of injury or something? We need it for many functions including the import one.,the brain. Well done Emma you vlever lady. At last some common sense 😂

Emma2017 in reply to Rob6868

Hi Rob, not entirely sure how to take your post? Reading your other posts on here it seems you agree with me but the tone seems a bit off as you put big laughing with tears at the end of the sentence.

We bought a book titled “the great cholesterol con”. It’s available on Amazon and it is a very well researched book with lots of references written by a Dr. Can’t think so quick of the author. Well worth a read and more of an eye opener on to how we are just all being lied to for the sake of big pharma making more and more money.

Statins - not with a barge pole if you have liver problems. One of my wife's relatives was prescribed a statin and had to come off it when she ended up with a bad liver. As for me, following my stroke I was put on three different statins and they all had horrible side effects. Better be safe than sorry.

Ngoat55 in reply to ALB38

Thank you. Very helpful.👍

Rob6868 in reply to ALB38

So the question is

Do you still take the statins

ALB38 in reply to Rob6868

No, I don't. The pharmacist at my GP practice agrees.

Statins - not with a barge pole if you have liver problems. One of my wife's relatives was prescribed statins and ended up with a bad liver, which recovered when she came off them.

Ngoat55 in reply to ALB38

Yes, the liver can recover with proper lifestyle choices. Thank you!

cholesterolcode.com/ This is a very interesting resource. Dave Feldman is very good at explaining cholesterol. I have avoided statins since first being told I need them in 2004 due to high cholesterol level.

Rob6868 in reply to blueboots

You did absolutely the right thing

Contin to do your research and your uncover more people die of low cholesterol than high

Wjy is anyone even taking statins for cholesterol? Its old nrws. Its more and more understood that you need your cholesterol and not to deplete it.

There are plenty of studies showing that more people die through low cholesterol than high so do your research.

Cholesterol is not the issue

You need it and in abundance.

To much to explain on here but its out there for all to read

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