I had chest pains and my gp done an ecg which she said was abmormal, I was sent to hospital

In ambulance where I had another ecg which was abnormal, they gave me asprin and gnt spray, when I got to hospital I had another ecg, which the doctor said was normal and blood test, they sent me home saying I was fine, since this I am so tired, I had another chest pain this morning which woke me up from my sleep.also my left arm is so heavy I don't no if I should go back to the hospital as I don't want them to think I am wasting their

time can anyone help,


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20 Replies

  • Ring NHS Direct - 0845 4647

  • Please ring 999. Don't put it off. Do get checked out. You are definitely NOT wasting anyone's time. That's what they are there for. I Thought that when I had chest pains, and it turned out to be a serious heart attack.

  • Thanks I will book in with my gp 1st thing

  • I think you need to go back to your GP or hospital. You should be examined by the cardio Dept and checked on a treadmill(walking) wired up to ECG equipment. You need to have an angiogram to establish if you have a blockage somewhere in which case you may need a angioplasty to sort it out same as Prince Philip, Harry Redknapp, David Bowie et al and oh myself!

  • Thank you I will book myself in with the doctor 1st thing. I was just made to feel a little uncomfotable at the hospital. I felt a fake when the dr said I was fine, she didn't explain anything

  • If you were unhappy with the doctor, you should complain. They should make sure that they explain exactly what's going on. The doctor isn't doing her job properly. It is your health they're talking about.

  • Make sure you ask plenty of questions. I always do. They should KNOW what they are talking about. After all, they've spent years training.

  • I just couldn't understand Why I had 2 abnormal ecg n them a normal 1, would tht have been because id had tht gnt spray and asprin, I'm worried tht pain will come back n coz the hospital have said I'm fine I'll just get on wiv it

  • Chest pain I would have called an Ambulance. They might then give you some tests to reassure you, I bet if you asked them what you should do if it happens again they would say call 999

  • The treatment you received in the ambulance probably put things back on track and masked the real problem. Go back to your GP - he saw you had a problem - then he can insist that you are seen again by the Cardiology Dept. ASAP if not sooner!

  • Thanks for all ur help. I've just got back from my gp. N he said I have angina, n he will get me seen by the cardiology asap. The hospital should never have let me come home with both the reading frm the gp and the ambulance

  • Tuktuk, you have a right to go to a different hospital,

  • Yes I have already spoke to my gp regarding this thanks

  • Hi Tuktuk,

    At the end of last year (28th Dec) I had a sweating fit and pains in my chest and left arm. Since I had had a triple by pass 4 years ago medical staff tend to check me out . Like you had an ECG in the ambulance and this showed I had a problem. It turned our that I had not had a heart attack but I now had unstable angina, so after an overnight stay I was sent for an Angiogram which showed that my by pass grafts were good and I was sent home with no recriminations just to say they said if it happens again don't hesitate, ring 999 and that's what were here for. I am off to the cardiologist on Wednesday but have been using my GTN spray since

    Obviously I have had a heart attack in the past and can say it is not necessarily a bolt from the blue. If the paramedics think its not problem they will tell you but they will err on the side of caution.



  • Thank you, I haven't fell well since. My gp has been intouch with the hospital n I should be seen this week. I was just confused as to Why in the gp surgery n ambulance I had abnormal ecg and at the hospital I was told it was normal. Both my parents have eart problems the hospital didn't ask about my family history confused I am

  • Thanks dave

  • Hello,

    A year has gone, how is your health now? Did you get any medication for your heart problems?

  • Hi Tuk,I always always tell them about my Family and history of them ALL dying from Heart problems,it keeps everyone focused on the fact that it is Genetic,not just a passing pain..

    I have just been told I have Aortic Stenosis,and probably face openheart surgery.

    but,I am not panicking ....yet....l.o.l.

    has anyone had treatment for sticky valves which are not opening wide enough to let the blood flow?

    I have been told to take life easy....in that case?I might as well stay in bed?..l.o.l.

    I am joker...

  • I had chest pains, doc sent me straight to hospital they did ecg and blood tests said they were fine sent me home, had a massive heart attack followed by two cardiac arrests going to sue the hospital,Anyone else had the same experience?

  • Call 999 immediately.

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