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Stent op 'does not' cut heart attack risk for angina cases!

Stent op 'does not' cut heart attack risk for angina cases: Cardiologists frequently not telling patients that procedure to improve blood flow doesn't reduce heart attack risk, says consultant

•Tens of thousands of NHS patients having operations to clear arteries

•They are under false belief it will cut chance of heart attack, expert claims

•Consultant cardiologist Aseem Malhotra said patients are rarely told invasive procedure makes no difference to chance of having heart attack

By Stephen Adams

May be people who had stent can comment?

Read more: dailymail.co.uk/health/arti...

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Thank you for your response. Read the article, very interesting. I am still learning on statins, CVD and blood glucose issues. My elder brother had stent for the second time this year, fist one six years ago and also a TAVI procedure. Recovering from TAVI procedure.

I hope my life style change can help me to avoid medication for (CVD and blood glucose issues), only time will tell.


It always alarms me when people submit articles from the Daily mail. They go for the sensational every time and in health that means controversial theories from often controversial doctors expressed by poor journalists. It does however say that the operation is life saving later on in the article. If they are life saving then surely they are life extending. I have had 3 stents after an MI and my life, or even quality of life was saved possibly on a shorter term basis if I do not make lifestyle changes. One of the problems with the article is that it does not outline the differences between stable/unstable Angina, MI and other conditional that stents are used for.


It is clear that having stents can only help short term but to make changes longer term it needs complete life style changes. I am sure there is not a cardiologist that does not mention this. When i had my 4 stents put in during my heart attack i had a constant stream of people visit my bed to advise on diet, exercise and anti smoking alcohol advice and medication etc. It was clear to me that my future was in my hands. Its is more likely that people want to believe only what they want to hear so don't listen clearly to what is told them.

Its the Daily Mail so it has no credibility.


Thanks for your comments. At the end of the day it is in our hands. Life style change now or we wait for an event to take place and then listen and look for advice?

Specialists know what procedure to go for and offer advice, we listen and decide what is on offer!

May be in future, I should keep what I read to myself!

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It could give better blood flow in the heart surely?

That must improve the condition.

To prevent heart attacks, follow advice to eat a good diet, take exercise and give up smoking.


Hi, I agree that a stent improves blood flow and therefore lessens pain enough for a lifestyle change. Last year my husband had a stent fitted. We then both went on the dr dean Ornish diet and followed this pretty well until about a week ago when I found out several things that I didn't pick up before. First, that you MUST take B12 vitamins whilst on this diet because no matter what you may read, B12 only comes from meat. Second, the statin discussion also has a MUST take that no doctor ever mentioned to us, and that is the issue of cQ10, not to mention that statins also block vit D. Statins are off now. Then I started reading about how science has now found that sugar and carbs are the major health risk and that high cholesterol is not! Anyway, long story short, I have read masses on the subject and have been persuaded to start the process of removing sugar and carbohydrates from grains from our diet and adding some fats, which apparently are vital for brain health. It's all a bit tricky but can be worked out in the end, it's just a pity that the specialist here in France is not happy with patients making up their own minds as to what to do about their own health! Any comments would be helpful.


I think you're headed in the right direction Jdottie. Avoid the man-made fats and preservatives. You don't have to avoid grains entirely, but ensure they are prepared properly by soaking or sprouting, and eat low Gi.


If it's published in the Daily Mail I would read with extreme prejudice! Stenting does relieve the symptoms of angina, as I well know. The heart muscle will receive an enhanced blood supply through more efficient coronary arterial flow and this can only be of benefit. With regards to reducing the risk of heart attack, genetics & lifestyle are probably more relevant factors in reducing this risk, and plenty of statins too!

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It does not matter where the information comes from or which media it come from there is a grain of truth in it

For me I would like to get a better understanding of the fact.








Many more?

Life style change?


All we can do is our best to extend our life if necessary!

At the end of the day it is difficult to change the number of tick that was given on conception!

Organ transplant?

We talk about how lucky one has been or how unlucky another person has been!

Work hard and enjoy life to the full with out medication (side effect!).


I think the misunderstanding is in the reading of the statement. It doesn't say that stenting does not prevent heart attacks which may have occurred had stenting not taken place, but that it does not reduce heart attack RISK, which is what is calculated from a persons lifestyle choices, blood pressure and family history etc. In other words it is a sticking plaster for the main areas of damage but the risk of developing further areas of damage is not reduced.

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Thank you.

Medication and medical procedures are developed humans to improve the quality of life. Some medication or some medical procedures may work for few humans but not for all humans. There was a question once, do cardiologist do more than one stent during the procedure?, the answer was it is all to do with costs! People who had one stent end up having second or third in few years time.

There was another question stent or by-pass?

May be life style change and food intake control is the best way forward?


All I know is that without having my 5 stents done I would be dead says it all really I think


I agree. Without mine I too would be dead. I get fed up of these misleading headlines which seek to confuse and cause concern.

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Which year did you have your stents installed ? Thanks and regards.


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