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Strange results of blood tests!

Would be interested in your opinions regarding latest blood results. In April last year my total cholesterol was 7.0 mmol/l HDL 2.2 LDL 4.3 trig 1.2 TC/HDL ratio 3.18. My blood pressure 156/96 but a subsequent 24 hour monitoring was normal. My BMI was 23.5 so called healthy weight. Made a decision to reduce carb intake so possibly 90% of the time my carb intake is from veg and certain fruits. I do have porridge oats once or twice a week though. This years results amazed me. My TC 4.5 TRIG 1.3 HDL 1.7 LDL 2.2 so ratio 2.65. As I don't eat low fat was expecting the total to be higher but TRIG lower. Although that seems good news my Uric acid levels have gone from normal to high 590 umol/l normal range 0 - 363. I have no symptoms of gout as yet! I have obviously googled which foods have high purines but would welcome any advice. So annoying you 'crack' one problem then get another. Just to add my BMI now 21.5. I'm very active walk most days cycle yoga Pilates and 70yrs in few weeks. I don't want to live for ever just be as healthy as possible during my life.

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What do you typically eat please Cassiejo? What fruit, how much protein, and do you drink alcohol?


It varies about ten eggs a week meat 3 times a week poss 100 gram a time salmon fillets chicken thighs (2) twice week. Eat lots green veg salads not much root veg. Make my own yoghurt with berries. Wine twice week a glass. Walnuts Brazil nuts. !!


The biggest offenders for uric acid are alcohol, fructose and protein.

From what you've written, is it maybe your weight loss resulting in metabolism of muscle? You don't seem to be eating enough fat?

The 'Perfect Health Diet' recommends consumption of 400 to 600 kcal per day from carbohydrate to prevent the body being stressed, attempting to replenish any glycogen deficit from other macro-nutrients.

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Good point I have been eating more carbs lately as am happy with my weight now. Think the brainwashing of 'fat is bad' is difficult to overcome. Thank you for your input.

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Your blood work is generally very good. Optimal levels of triglycerides for optimal health are below 0.7903 mmol/l, so you have more work to be done there.

Porridge is great for fiber which lowers cholesterol values, but be careful not to add sweeteners as that will increase your triglyceride level. Ideally, you should have porridge daily.

To reduce your uric acid, drink a 4-oz. glass of tart cherry juice daily. In addition, you can consume 6 oz of fresh blueberries daily. You should also drink plenty of water 4-6 glasses per day are sufficient because you also get fluids from your food, especially from vegetables and fruits.

Blood pressure changes throughout the day and there's also something called 'white coat syndrome' where people get nervous in a doctor's office and their blood pressure rises. You cannot determine your blood pressure from one reading per year in a doctor's office.

Get a home blood pressure monitor and measure your blood pressure after you get up in the morning and void your bladder and bowels, but before you eat or drink. Make sure you are calm and have remained seated for at least 5 minutes before measuring. Take 3 measurements, one every 3 minutes. Your last measurement will be the most accurate.

You can repeat this at night just before bedtime.

Make sure you walk at a brisk pace on a daily basis for a total of 30-60 minutes. Your walk can be broken up into smaller intervals of 3 x 20 minutes or 6 x10 minutes, whatever fits into your schedule.

Overall, you sound like you're in good shape.

If you want to learn more read my other posts starting with this one:

Good luck.


Thank you find your posts very informative.


Gout, did you have any gout problem? I have had gout, mostly on my left big toe, this happens after a long day with tight shows, not planned to do a lot of walking (work!), fist two treatments were antibiotics, cleared after few days, third and fourth treatment gout medication again cleared after three days. Only once blood test was done.

Three days ago my big left tow was in pain and last evening I noticed a red mark on the big toe. Most of the time I get gout before I go away on holiday? very strange.

I have prescription medication to take with me on holiday.

What changes did you make to you food and drinks to bring the uric acid level from high to 590?


Hi I haven't had any symptoms of gout just the raised Uric acid level. I've never had a problem with my level before it was picked up at a health check. I am nervous I will get the pain and swelling in the future but in the meantime just trying to reduce my red meat intake. Luckily I'm not a big alcohol drinker. Don't envy you know gout can be very painful. Good luck with it.

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