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What do you do between test and results?

So I've spent the holidays unmedicated and on a modified diet (lower carb mainly but a few other changes) and taking various supplements (as discussed in/under previous posts), and I've taken a blood test. I'm relaxing for a day or two, but what would you do then? Return to the modifications and supplements, or keep on relaxing until the results arrive on Friday (and I suspect get a new medication plan suggested)? Does anyone else feel a bit in limbo between testing and results?

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Wow, Jan 2nd, far nastier than mine. Hardcore! Hope you did well and the results aren't as bad as you fear.


Enjoy life don't worry about your tests, the stress will kill you, Just do the best you can find a supplement that works for you, (Mine is Niacin). exercise Don't indulge to much, Bit don't make life Grind Laugh everyday & have the best possible time that you can. And let the test fall where they may, I only have two tests a year.


Any side effects from Niacin, what have you found that it does for you


It is great My cholesterol is in normal range I have more energy & my mood is bright & I am Happy & not stressed I take 1500mg in the morning & 1000mg late after noon Not the flush free ones you will have to build up to dosage. the place to get them is from they are about I/3 of the cost so even with the cost of shipping. good luck


Very interesting, (test and results, exam and results) !

Waiting time and what to do?

If food intake control, exercise and medication are all in control there may not be any change in numbers. Why worry unnecessarily.

Good luck with blood test results.


Medication went out of control, so this is unmedicated. My appointment was cancelled and I'm waiting for a new one :(


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