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New member with suspected FH

Just joined this group as my Lipid consultant is almost certain i have FH. My brother died suddenly and unexpectedly a few months ago, fit & healthy but at only 39yrs he had a massvie h/attack. if he survived he would've been tested for high choloestral.....but he didnt. my levels are 8.5 and am about to change the statin as my levels havent budged in the time iv been on the tablets. Im new to all this and cant get in the mind set of where to start with regards to diet etc

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Thankyou i will look into things.


Hi Tuppence10,

You have had a awful lot to take in with the suddeness of your brother's death and then the FH diagnosis.

You mention the lipid clinic. In my experience, these referrals take a long time, so were you going there before your brother died?

My advice would be, just take your time to get over the shock, keep up the lipid clinic pushing for a definite diagnosis of FH and try to find a statin or combination of drugs that will get your levels down.

I am more sceptical than others on this site about diet...but it has worked for some. Good luck.


Hi when my brother passed away he was fit, young and active, he'd had chest and arm pain the day b4 he collapsed but our out of hrs service sent him home at b4 6a.m saying he had acid indigestion, and so he went of to work. No ecg or blood done and wasnt sent to A&E, his heart attack was massive and heart cldnt be started for 20 mins which resulted in brain damage. 3 days later we had to say goodbye, the consultant in itu advised that if he'd have survived he wldv been checked for h/choleserol and so advised us all to be checked. Mine was 8.5 and after a month of diet change only came down a dot and so was put on statin 10mg and ref in aug 12, i saw the lipid cons on feb 1st. My girls have got to have blood tests at ages 8 & 9, brothers son age 9 is ok but his 11yr old daughter is just on boarder line so will get checked regularly. I go back mid april and have started Atorvastatin 40mg today. I just cant get my head out of the grief and seem to be ccomfort eating more than ever now. which isnt good. I must have been lucky to have got a pretty quick referral.


Hi Tuppence,

A healthy diet and regular exercise is essential to our health. But that won't bring your cholesterol levels to anything like acceptable. I hope you find a good statin soon.


Hi Tuppence. I agree with Traci. HEART UK was set up originally by people like yourself who had lost relatives at a young age and wanted to know more about how to help themselves and their families. Condolences on losing your brother but best wishes for you and your children.


Dear Tuppence,

I am so sorry to hear about the tragic circumstances of your brother's death.

Not only are you coping with that, but you also have the diagnosis of FH for you and your family.

Yes, try the HEART UK website, there is lots of good information. You can always keep going back to it, if you can't take it all in now.

There are people on here with children with keep coming back to us as well. I wouldn't worry about comfort eating too much at this stage.


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