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Here we go again, part 2: been rereferred

So I saw my new GP again on Tuesday. He took a scan of a letter from my medical folder to add to his notes on me, then made me appointments for blood test (next week) and lipid clinic. He warned me that I should ask for a copy of my blood test results because the test lab and clinic are at different hospitals, but I'd do that anyway to keep my folder up-to-date.

This morning, the clinic appointment arrived - early February. I've had to look up how to get to the clinic because the hospital is new to me and their directions only talk about cars and buses, which I probably won't be using (train+bike or train+walk for me), but so far so good. Such a change from my old GP/clinic combination!

I just hope the snow has eased by the time I need to go to the GP or clinic for those appointments.

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All the very best to you and keep us in the loop


Good luck hope it gets sorted out as quickly as possible.


yes, some GP.s dont deserve there wages. good luck.


Taking about wages, I just realised that all this is going to take about 2 days off work in total. Hmph.


Did you get the copy od your blood test results? How do the results compare now days?


Yes, I get copies of everything now. I'm very happy with this GP.

My headline test results then were TC 4.7mmol/l with LDL 3.0 but I've been on a roller-coaster of statin side-effects since then and my last headlines were TC 6.9 with LDL 5.3. Next test next week, next lipid clinic start of November.


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