NHS is dead forget going for an appointment and just use the internet.... doctors these days lack any kind of compassion and they don't read the medical notes of their patients before appointments as they cannot be bothered leading to misunderstandings or them just saying to you "why are you here?" to which you reply "because you asked me to". The clinic where you go will have all sorts of silly gadgetry that is supposed to save time but never works properly. reception usually contains at least one rude cant be bothered woman that has to take you through the steps of using the said gadgetry. You will have no doubt driven to the clinic as its too far to walk the new idea of parking is its free if you log in under the watchful eye of "parking eye" a multi-million pound outsourced operation that brings in millions for the NHS in charges and fines. If you make a mistake while logging your registration into another machine you will be assumed to be parking illegally and be fined up to £100. So at the end of the day im waiting for the internet app where you contact a doctor when your ill dont mind paying for it either. The current situation is unatainable.............


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  • Firstly use paragraphs and proper punctuation in your post as it's very hard to read, and secondly, what an absolute piece of nonsense! I recently had occasion to use the NHS when I was admitted to hospital with pancreatitis, and they couldn't do enough for me. The care and attenton I received was superb and I was only in for one night. Just think yourself lucky that we have an NHS, and that you're not living in a Third World country where there are very basic medical facilities , if at all.

  • Yes and the way things are going, we will soon be a third world country.

  • Time you found a new surgery my friend.

  • We in UK are very lucky to have NHS. OK, there are issues with most of the things in UK, not just NHS. Technology has its advantage and disadvantage, this is because of man made software and applications.

    What the doctor can see in person is very different.

    Please look very carefully on apps!!!

  • Your rant has nothing to do with cholesterol so why have you posted it on this site? I presume you have had a bad experience with the NHS to write as you do. However, like hansi, I found your post extremely difficult to read due to bad grammar & lack of punctuation. Perhaps you should stick to more frivolous websites to voice your opinions in future.

  • Human reaction! health problems, any difference?

  • I had to be rushed in for an emergency - a heart attack. The 111 phone answering team,ambulance team, the surgeon and his team and the nurses and even cleaners and staff giving the meals in intensive care and cardiac wards of the JR Oxford were absolutely lovely, kind and wonderful. I'm so grateful for the NHS.

  • I am happy to read that you receiver an excellent service from NHS.

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