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What will they do/ask me on a first visit to a lipid clinc?

Went to Dr and was told my cholesterol was 14.3!!!! SOme other number was high but couldn't take much in after he repeatedly kept saying he'd never seen as result as high!!!

He's referred me to a lipid clinic but I've no idea what to expect. I've tried to start eating healthy by lowering the saturated fats but I've no idea what else to do or to expect!! Advice woukd be much appreciated! (ps-I;m on 40mg of simvastatin.

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You are fortunate also to be referred to a lipid clinic, they are the experts (although I have had a couple of disagreements with mine!) Your GP has most definitely been on the ball.

In addition to the above good advice there may also be a specialist nurse who might ask if you want any other members of your family tested.

If you live in England, I am not so optimistic as Traci about being offered a genetic test, but I might be wrong , but hopefully you will be given more detailed information about why your cholesterol was so high.

The other high number was probably LDL.


The other thing they often ask you for at the clinic is a urine sample (maybe everyone else is too delicate to mention that!)


Thanks for all ur responses!! I went and was told I have FH which I sort of guessed, I also had a blood test which has shown my cholesterol has lowered :)


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