I often refer people to 'Diet Doc' -Andreas Eenfeldt's site as a good place to start research on 'Low Carb High Fat' lifestyle (LCHF).

Things are changing rapidly in Sweden and if you haven't visited it for a while you are likely to be surprised when you do. This site is the biggest in Sweden on the subject getting 25,000 hits a day!

To say that people there are abandoning our current advice on diet and health would be an understatement!

Check it out!

All this was started by one woman, Dr. Anna Dahlquist, who got into trouble when some Swedish dieticians, unhappy with her advice to diabetics, reported her to the authorities. They, to their credit, found in her favour and the LCHF movement took off.


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  • The LCHF regime is very like the "caveman" diet that many now follow and have found advantageous. Hunter gatherers lived on meat, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and fruits. The meat component being of the "game" variety as the animals were wild and therefore fed themselves on grasses and herbs. The "organic" meat we have today is as near as you can get with the domestic animal but the "wild" meat of rabbit, deer, pheasant, partridge, and (if you can afford it!) grouse and the occasional "gift" from shooting friends can complement this.

    I try to do this as much as possible but with my personal dietary problems (no dairy or yeast) I have to avoid milk products. However, when I was a child and drank and ate unpasteurised milk products (a country girl who had access to local herds and foods) I never had any problems!! Makes you wonder doesn't it?

    The "caveman" of course, did not have access to milk products as such but I bet if they were able to get to sheep, goat, or cow milk they tried it! Look at the masai tribesmen. They live almost solely on the milk and blood from their cattle herds, only supplementing when the foods around them come into season.

  • Nothing on there about FH-sufferer experiences.

  • Your point being?

  • I don't think it's a good source for HEART UK members.

  • Why?

  • Our livers seem to react differently to certain things than the general population.

  • I'm afraid that that is no reason to exclude diet from the subject of heart disease.

    Approximately one in 500 of the population have FH, I would suggest that the other 499 have a legitimate interest in the subject.

  • This website is for HEART UK, an association about hyperlipidemia conditions. That's what the H stands for. I'm sure there are other websites for discussion of heart disease among the other 499 (less the other hyperlipidemias like FCH and so on), so I suggest there's no reason to make us feel unwelcome in our own association's website!

  • I am well aware of the special interest FH group and am sensitive to their interests, that's why I point to the likes of Frank Cooper who has FH and has an alternative view that does not involve a statin regime.

    As far as I am aware this is a site for people concerned with cholesterol and heart disease, and this encompasses the whole of the population.

    I bitterly resent your troll comment, but if a straw poll wants me to stop posting, then I will.

  • "As far as I am aware this is a site for people concerned with cholesterol and heart disease, and this encompasses the whole of the population" - OK, so maybe you were ignorant. Didn't you wonder what HEART UK is? Click "Home" and then "Visit our website" under the HEART UK logo and then "Join" to read "HEART UK is the only charity in the UK dedicated to supporting people with high cholesterol and their families." It's the "Join our online community" link on that page which brought me here.

    We're already very aware that we're a minority or "special interest FH group" and there are few places like this where we can talk to others like us, so please don't take this site over in the name of the rest of the population and marginalise us.

    Running a straw poll about one participant would break the site's terms of use, so asking for that seems like trolling, trying to get other users into trouble.

  • If you ae genuinely interested in your heart and uing statins did you think this was either a helpful or useful comment. I think it is sheer ignorance and not worhy of this site.

  • I don't have FH but I honestly don't think you can take any chances with it especially in the light of a strong family history. People on this forum are testimony to that and have to make incredibly difficult choices sometimes about their children.

    I am appalled about the widespread and dangerous ignorance about FH among medics, particularly GP's, that has come to light with recent posts . The most worrying thing is that you can't refer yourself to a specialist but have to rely on your GP being on the ball.

  • The Swedish National Board of Health and Welfare did a 2 year review of research that concluded low carb diets were conducive to best dietary practice (2008). Why is this of interest to Heart UK hyperlipidaemiacs? Well, I wish our authorities had put as much effort into their research to provide 'evidence based' guidelines. Then we might focus on improving lipids with known effective strategies, instead of the speculative lipid hypothesis.

  • Who says they're not putting the effort into the research? Every CKS file I've seen has pages and pages of evidence in it.

    You can search our NHS's evidence base at to see if the study you mention in there, but just the English name of the commissioning organisation isn't enough information for me to find it. As usual, it's only half a reference and some hand-waving.

    I did find Jenkins, D.J., Wong, J.M., Kendall, C.W., et al. (2009) The effect of a plant-based low-carbohydrate ("Eco-Atkins") diet on body weight and blood lipid concentrations in hyperlipidemic subjects, but that studies hyperlipidemia in a small sample of 44 overweight people, not necessarily FH.

  • Sorry, still haven't got the hang of this 'Marquis of Queensbury for having an opinion' yet. I did find this on google

    with a reference to Dr Dahlquist in the comments too.

  • Oh come on! You can have an opinion but you really should check whether you're believing random stuff that some newspaper hack might have made up before you insult the hard-working medics who are doing their best to keep us alive!

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