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Heart attack at 51


I just wanted to tell you that I had a heart attack at the age of 51, I did have high cholesterol, but my arteries were clear on my angiogram. It was caused by Hughes syndrome sticky blood, Antiphospholipid syndrome all the same thing.

Other problems it could cause are

Late misscariages


Pulmonary embolism


Memory loss.

1 in 4 young Heart attack patients have this syndrome, it is becomming more well known although some Doctors are still learning hense my unnecessary angiogram.

Hope this helps someone

Love Karen xx

Diagnosed by blood test.

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Hi Daisyd,

I hadn't heard about this condition, but looked up the Hughes Syndrome Foundation. Did you know you had this before your heart attack?

I know somebody who has the Leiden factor 5 which causes clots in veins but not arteries, according to the Foundation website.

Do you take a statin as well as an anti-coagulant?



A lot of people haven't heard of this condition although I think more people are becoming aware of it.

I have Factor 5 leidons as well, but I don't think you need to have this or high cholesterol to have Hughes syndrome. The blood test you have is in two parts I was positive to one..If I was more alert I would have known I had it.

I was put on 75mgs Asprin about ? 10 years ago.

It wasn't till I was put on Clexane because of my heart attack. That I felt the fog like feeling in my brain lift

Its an auto immune disease, I would sugest that it might be worthwhile looking at the sight I wish I had..

I am on simvastatin 40mgs my Cholesterol has come down to 4 something.

Wararin my INR is better at 3.5 the dose I often have to take is around 10mgs

Sorry about punctuation, spelling etc

Love Karen xx


Hi daisyd

this is most informative , something similar happened to me

and i still have probs

you mengtion foggy brain trhat sounds familair especially in the cold.

i was told many many years ago that i had sticky blood by an optician checking my eyse, as yet my doc has not said anything how do you get checked ??


Hi Karl

Hope you are well

I think the best way to explain the symptoms of the foggy brain is that when you try and think of something it doesn't seem to get through, like their is cotton wool inbetween. I thought I was getting dementure.

You could ask your Gp about it. More Doctors are becoming aware ,but I would look at the Hughes foundation website, and print something off from there that explains.better than me.

Not everyone gets the fog but an awful lot do

Good Luck

Love Karen xx


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