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Heart attack symptoms?? Or not

I just had a sudden onset of pain in my jaw, it was both sides and radiated within minutes down to my chest where I felt crushing pain...all the while the ache in my jaw and my neck persisted.

This happened to me about a month ago, twice...each time it eventually went away, within approx 3-4 mins I think.

Today I took 300 mg aspirin-just in case.

All my symptoms have gone at present.

Is this a heart attack, angina etc....

Should I see my gp

Or am I over reacting? Ie this could be indigestion, anxiety etc

Anyone got any thoughts that may help me? Please

It was so, so worrying at the time...I'm home alone with four children between 10yrs and 6 months.

I'm otherwise healthy

Thank you in advance

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If this happens again please call emergency services to check what is going on.

May be the best thing is go and see your GP to do some basic health checks.

I am afraid only medical people can give you a proper answer.

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I would say an angina attack go to the A & E


Please try your best to see your GP soon, rather than wait for another potential bout. Seems you are a woman since you mention being alone with four children and women often have very different symptoms from men with angina or heart attack. However, yours sound enough like angina to definitely check out. Yes, could be many different things, but better to be examined and/or tested while not in pain or an emergency situation, when you would have to find care for your children at stressful time. It's been many years since I had young children but I do remember how difficult it was to get to any appointment trying to juggle them. But please do not take this lightly. I wish you the best.

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I totally agree with Leilanilea, 0506kyoli. You do need to visit your doctor at the first opportunity but, if you have a recurrence of the symptoms, call 999 for an ambulance immediately as they will have a better chance of finding the cause.

Visiting your doctor will mean that you have taken charge of the situation and then, if treatment is needed, this can be started and it should help reduce your anxiety - which is never good for you.

Prevention is always better than cure so, if you can find the cause then you may be able to prevent it happening again.


You don't give your age, but I presume you are quite young, given the age of your children. Obviously, if this happens again, you should dial 999 immediately, but you need to visit your GP as soon as possible to find out the cause of these episodes. They are classic symptoms of problems with the heart and an ECG, which your doctor may be able to perform in his surgery, together with history-taking & clinical examination will point the way to accurate diagnosis.


Now days there is a simple blood test for ladies to look at heart problems, please do ask your GP for this test.


Hello it could well be angina or even a mild heart attack.

You need to see your GP ASAP. If it happens again you need to go straight to the nearest A&E.

This happened to a work colleague of mine last week - she didn't know if it was indigestion or not. She went to see her GP next day who sent her to A&E. She has angina and atrial fibrillation.


It could also be anxiety or indigestion of course, but you don't know, so you need to get it checked out.


Traci's right. Don't muck about with chest pain. Seek immediate help. And do it now even though this was some time ago. An ECG might be asked for and it might give some indication as to what's going on. It's not necessarily worst news, but best to be sure. A false alarm is fine. It's sprained finger nails that are the true time wasters. Hope you're ok.


The same thing happened to me. Ended up in the local hospital's Rapid Accessment Unit, and after eight hours of blood samples, and ECG, discharged as a time waster.

Still don't know what happened, but the pain was real.


Just checking to see if anything further from you 0506kyoli. The saying goes that"No news is good news" but would put all our minds at rest if you let us know that you did visit your GP and what the outcome was. Hope all is well with you.


Hi 0506kyoli

You should definitely see your doctor. I had similar symptoms for a few months but put it down to pulled muscle. One day it didn't stop and I had a heart attack. I was fine in between bouts of pain so had dismissed it as nothing serious. Doesn't mean thats your problem but you need to have it checked.


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