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Always anxious and convinced am having a heart attack or stroke

Over the past 10'years I have had a number of traumatic events and I always feel like the worst case scenario happen, stress attack was a stroke, prem baby who passed away and family illness everywhere I look . As a result I feel like I am just waiting for the next disaster to happen. Back pain and indegestion becomes a heart attack, dizziness another stroke. I do try to keep it away from children and under control but is so hard. Today has been a low point as have had a long haul flight so in my head I have my self convinced it is a PE as have had two hot flushes and indigestion pain. Counting the hours til I can call doctor tomorrow to ask for help.

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What a miserable and life-debilitating state of affairs for you after a horrible series of events.

Is it Health Anxiety? The HU Anxiety Support sub-forum seems to deal with health anxiety and I wonder if that might be helpful to you: healthunlocked.com/anxietys...

I hope that your doctor can reassure you or provide appropriate support.

Best wishes.


I do feel for you this must be so stressful and you can't possibly sustain this level of continued stress - it will make make you poorly so I'm glad you are going to speak to your doctor. I wonder if some counselling would help - do ask about CBT.


Consider posting hormone results (FT3, FT4, TSH) and other blood results on the Thyroid UK forum of healthunlocked where I'm pretty sure you'll be offered some thoughts.


Hi, I am totally aware of how your health issues can impact on your ability to cope on a daily basis, having existed with health anxiety for many years my heart goes out to you, believe me it is a health issue although its classified as mental health every twinge and pain that you feel is real and can send you into a real sense of panic and many bodily reactions that can mimic anything from a heart attack, stroke, cancer you name it its there and convincing yourself its not is really hard.

Once you retrain your mind and body to distinguish what's a real danger pain and what's real but not fatal your halfway there.

What I think you need to do is see your Dr, ask him outright what he feels is physically wrong and go from there, I imagine you have probably had various tests to eliminate anything bad so if that's the case then your at the beginning of a journey to allow you to live a life because at the moment as I said your existing.

Please repost and keep "talking" its the best form of help we can offer you


Thanks so much for the replies. It is the first time I have actually written down what is in my head. I spend hours googling symptoms at night worrying. Have a gp appointment next week as can't carry on with feeling like this. I keep telling myself to think logically and not let mind wonder but on some days I become immobile.


If you know it is anxiety, stick to your program, and don't let know it all friends pump your head full of crap. I had a heart attack and two strokes from stress. I never did find the faucet outlet to turn off the anxiety. Medication the Dr may give you is to relieve your symptoms. then that helps you help yourself.

It may be just making a heartfelt decision and believe me that isn't easy.

I hope you good luck, and just keep the faith



My empathy! As a post stroke survivor of six months, I know too well what you're going through. That said, if you're good on your diet, exercise, meds, regular blood tests and check ups, then it's more than likely to be anxiety related. Get help to reduce stress and anxiety and you'll should be fine.


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