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newly diagnosed with high cholesterol

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I’ve just decided to take statins after poor cholesterol results - 7.1 overall, ‘bad’ around 4, always been against them but worried lifestyle/diet changes not enough. Think might have famial type as mother always had very high levels despite healthy diet. but brother won’t get tested!

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"Good cholesterol (called HDL) – this makes you less likely to have heart problems or a stroke. bad cholesterol (called LDL and non-HDL) – this makes you more likely to have heart problems or a stroke. triglycerides – a fatty substance similar to bad cholesterol."

UK guide linen.#What is a healthy cholesterol level? mmol/L

Non-HDL cholesterol below 4.0

LDL cholesterol below 3.0

HDL cholesterol above 1.0 for a man above 1.2 for a woman (ideally around 1.4, but higher levels might not give extra protection)

TC: HDL ratio Above 6 is considered high risk - the lower this figure is the better

Total 7.1 and LDL 4

HDL and other components 3.1, the question is what is HDL?

The man made formula is total cholesterol = HDL + LDL + Triglyceride / x.

See how statin works for you, you can ask your GP for a referral for cholesterol clinic.

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I’m only going on my personal experiences, but I think you have to have very high cholesterol, which doesn’t respond well to statins, to be investigated for FH. There is apparently a 50% chance of inheriting it. I have it, but my sister’s cholesterol reading was around 7 and as it was brought down to 4-5 by statins, they told her it wasn’t worthwhile getting her tested for FH, as she probably didn’t have it.

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DakCB-UK in reply to valeriep

That's not correct. Look up the Simon Broome criteria, but really, a good DNA test is the surest way. They probably just don't want to pay for it!

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valeriep in reply to DakCB-UK

Like I said, my reply was based on my personal experiences.

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sandybrown in reply to DakCB-UK

What is your understanding on "Simon Broome criteria"?

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DakCB-UK in reply to sandybrown

That it's a crude observational tool for " may have FH" and responding to statins doesn't rule out FH

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