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Hi guys!!

What do you think of these results??

4 years post heart attack, stent fitted to coronary artery. Now only taking ramipril amd aspirin. I quit statins 4 months ago after 4 years of 80mg Artovastatin. This was due to muscle and back pain...since stopping Ive had no bother at all!!!

RATIO 4.23

HDL 1.06

LDL. 2.33


Triglyceride 2.37

ALL mmo/L

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Your total cholesterol is below UK guide line number, how did you achieve this without statin?.

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arty_sax in reply to sandybrown

Hi Sandy...Is this a good thing or a bad thing??

I eat mainly veg and plants...porridge organic oats every day and walk 8km every day plus about 10k at the weekends...

I thought my triglyceride was too high and ratio of ldl to hdl the wrong way round???

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sandybrown in reply to arty_sax

Please have a look at the link below:

Very good explanation given by Heart UK.

Total cholesterol to HDL ratio, 4.48/1.06= 4.22

Triglycride 2.37.

Fasting triglyceride below 1.7mmol/L

Non-fasting triglyceride below 2.3mmol/L

There is a man made formula to calculate lipid levels.

I am not a medical person but I understand Cholesterol.

WE humans need cholesterol for our body to function, 80 % of cholesterol is made in the body and 20 % is from food and drinks intake.

Statin is used as primary to prevent heat problems and as secondary to keep blood flow after stent procedure. You may need to discuss with your doctor to review your dosage.

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