Cholesterol level 6.0

Hello everyone, I have recently joined HealthUnlocked so let me introduce myself, I am 42 years of age, 5ft 4" and weight 10st 9lbs, having lost 1 1/2 stone since christmas and in myself don't feel too bad, however i went to a free over 40s health check and everything seemed ok, till the cholesterol test came back 6.0. To say i was shocked is an understatement so any advice re diet would be most appreciated.

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  • You have nothing to worry about unless of course you buy green top milk, low fat spread and think saturated fat is a killer.

    Do a lot of research and find out why as a world population we have been sold a pig in a poke with regard to the the guidelines that are making us sicker and sicker.

    Start with sticking LCHF into Google and take charge of your own health!

    'The only thing we have to fear is fear itself'

    Franklin D. Roosevelt

  • A lot of medics wish the 'C' word had never been invented and in fact cholesterol protects against some of the cancers. My husband had a cholesterol level of only 4 when he had his heart attack 3 years ago. Be sensible, eat a broad range of balanced unprocessed foods including oats, preferably scratch cooked meals, take plenty of exercise and all will be well. It isn't the animal fats that are bad. There is a strong correlation to the increased sugar in our diet which is causing the problems. Google 'Robert Lustig' and take a look at his site. A real eye opener!

    As a T2 diabetic I was prescribed statins and simply could not tolerate them. They made me feel so painfully ill in many ways and I now refuse to take them. Do not get brow beaten into taking them!

  • 6 is not bad! There seems to be almost a "witch hunt" about lower cholesterol levels which is not helpful and just worries people unnecessarily. There is loads of information on the HEART UK website. Exercise and losing weight will help as well.

  • hi sewingbee123A i would not worry about your cholesterol mine was 12.1 now down to 6.2 and as long as it stays at this i am not worried .

    Please do not be forced to go on statins if you are worried try diet also try B12

  • First of all, well done for losing so much weight since Xmas, a great achievement! Now, down to brass tacks. You have nothing to worry about! 6.0 is not the end of the world. It is not a figure that cannot be lived with. First of all, your diet. Are you on the low fat everything diet? Do you have lots of carbs? Bread, pasta, rice, potatoes etc., to fill you up and keep you from eating the "naughty" things? Right, cut them down. Sugar? Do you have low fat, high sugar so called low calorie foods? Cut them out and eat a balanced, more natural diet, cut out the processed foods and enjoy your meals again. Do you cook from scratch? No? then start. Fresh meat, fruit, veg and own baked food, enjoyed and digested healthily is much better for you than "low fat, low calorie" processed foods. Exercise. Do you walk? Do you go to the gym, Do you swim? Any of these exercise regimes are good for you. You don't need to spend loads of money to keep fit. Walking an hour a day at a good pace and perhaps swimming or doing stretching exercises daily is just as good for you. If you would like some sort of classes, try yoga or pilates. You don't need to train for the Olympics!! All the best to you.

  • I cannot endorse strongly enough what the last 4 bloggers have written. A lot of this scare mongering is started by the ever powerful drugs companies. It is not in their interests for us to use our brains and make our own decisions having looked at research reports.

  • I,m 38 and just had a stroke speaking to my doctor yester day because I was worried my colestrold level is 6.0 I don't drink and would say I eat pretty well .

    She said diet is only 20% of the problem when it comes to high colestrol it's your liver that produces most colestrol in our body this happens when we sleep I.m having to take stating as well as going gym as exercise helps and try lower your sugar vegetables and bad fats cut out some of your dairy products andif u smoke cut down or quit try eating fish,white meat, plenty of fruit different fruits,salad, and vegetables sounds boring but should help stay away from most red meat it's all new to me but I.m feeling a whole lot better for it

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