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Stopped Rosuvastin and now normal lipid.

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Yes, I quited rosuvastatin 5 mg, then lipid rose high. But now I 'm in normal range of lipid profile. I was fighting since 2/3 years.

But was on strict diet like fruits only on breakfast, raw veg plus brown rice with veg curry meal on lunch and boiled veg food on dinner and workout 1 hour + yoga. Omega 3 fish oil, soaked almond n flaxseed on morning. Plus sometime mother Apple cider vinegar or green tea alternatively. Garlic.

Imp: take time on chewing more your food.

If you can change your food into raw uncooked, many disease will go away. But make sure fruits n vegetables are organic. I did only 40% raw.


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Amazing effort. Hats off to you.

Did you have joint pain while on or stopping the statin?

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Slow joint weakening process go on taking statins, I perceived that way as I felt stiff too and I lost workout stamina slowly. But I never took high dose of statins, I took half of what doctor prescribed.Then I always kept on searching something n tried. At last, I'd taken homeopathic medicine called 'ESSENTIA AUREA'.

While stopping, 2/3 days I felt discomfort like joint rigidity.

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Thank you for the information. My husband has had joint and muscle pain for about a month....its very bad in the morning and at night but seems to loosen up during the day.

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