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Hi - I have been told my cholesterol is too high but I am unsure of the readings and what they mean - any advice/explanation would be gratefully received. It is of concern to me because I also have high blood pressure (kidney disease as a child and I was told that as an adult I would have high blood pressure - they weren't wrong).

Serum cholesterol level (XE2eD) 6.11 mmoI/L

Plasma triglyceride level (44e..) 0.68 mmol/L

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  • Please take a look at this link:

  • Hi, thanks for replying but still not too sure - this means my Triglyceride level is fine but not the other one?? If so, is there anything specific I should be doing to target that level?

  • What was the reason for blood tests?

    You need to look at all the blood test numbers, cholesterol LIPID, BP and blood glucose. You GP has the medical records therefore your GP can answer all your questions.

    You can ask you GP for JBS2 or QRISK analysis and fully explain the results.

    Food and drinks intake control, watching out for free and hidden sugar and regular exercise can help towards a healthy life.

    Thirty years ago the cholesterol number was 7.25, since the introduction of medications the number came down to 5. !!!!

  • I am hypothyroid so have blood tests every 6 months. I knew my cholesterol had been a bit high for a few years but combined with the BP it does concern me. I really think I am going to have to do this through lifestyle not more drugs, I take enough of those as it is. So lose a stone (gulp) and take more exercise. I don't really drink now either but I have heard a glass of red wine occasionally can help so every cloud. Thanks for taking the time to reply.

  • Try flora proactive spread and yoghurts fibre ie walnuts fish salmon tuna and fruit seeded bread my doctor put me on alvorstatin tabs 10mg seven weeks ago as my cholestral was 8 and bp was 110/90 it's now 130/78 and cholestral 4.5

  • Yummy, loads of stuff I like - definitely happy to eat more of this. I am using Benecol drinks as my doctor recommended them but cannot give up butter - I would rather have a scraping on bread than use a 'spread'. I also have the issue of being Gluten Free (necessary with Hashimotos) so certain foods aren't available. There is a lot of bad press concerning statins - hard to know what is right and what isn't - I do know that the Losartan for my BP makes my joints ache. I think a slow and steady weight loss plus healthier eating would help - my aim is to get both BP and Cholesterol down then give up drugs - wish me luck.

  • I wish you luck. There is nothing wrong in butter, blue top milk, cream, olive oil and coconut oil. I use coconut oil on my brown toast as it is in a solid form, spreadable in UK temperature. Regular exercise is also important.

  • 6.11 mmol/l is a little high but not horrible. It would be ideal to get to 5.0. However, total cholesterol is not as relevant as LDL. That said, from my readings, ApoB is more important to know than LDL. It is a separate cholesterol test but can be done at the same time as a standard cholesterol test. The ratio between ApoB and ApoA-1 will provide you with more meaningful information.

  • Thank you - next test I will ask for that - meanwhile, need to just try losing weight - although not vastly over I could do with losing a stone.

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