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DASH diets and similar (Esselstyn) advise against oil and yet high Omega 3 (eg through oil) is supposed to be protective for strokes and heart disease etc. Is Omega 3 not included in 'oils'?

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Man made oils have a high omega6 content fish & olive oil are high in omega3


Olive oil only contains omega 9. Fish oil is best form of omega 3 that the body can readily use.


Olive Oil contains both omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. Omega-3 fatty acids are important in preventing cardiovascular disease and are particularly high in oily fish such as salmon and flax seed oil. There is currently debate about how much omega-3 versus omega-6 one should have in their diet. oliveoilsource.com/definiti...

man made oils and rapeseed oil contain higher percentages of Omega 6


Ok, but I certainly wouldn't rely on getting your omega 3 from olive oil as it only contains a TINY amount and it also contains way more omega 6 than 3, which is not good!

Omega-6: 9.7%.

Omega-3: 0.76%.


Oily fish first and then Flax for omega 3, IF you can effectively convert the ALA in Flax to DHA.

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Yes. When certain doctors say “ avoid oils” does that include omega 3?


No oily fish and olive oil are a natural source of Omega 3


Yes they are I agree. So omega 3 oils are not included when some people say “ no oils”?


Ahh just been messaged this.... omega 3 oil IS included in “ no oils”



Dr Esselstyn postulates a vegetarian if not vegan lifestyle, fish and olive oil form part of the mediterranean diet. Try looking at diet doctor.com and look at ketogenic and low carb recipes.


I am confused and conflicted by advice availability. I was strict Esselstyn diet for 6 months when I discovered I had to have a bypass. But after CABG op was encouraged to eat more protein so reintroduced fish and lean chicken. Now I have also reintroduced olive oil on lunch salads with sardines, so I think I am more the traditional Mediterranean diet. Have recently attended a few conferences on LCHF and Keto and now reaxmining again the best strategy. I take milled flaxseed every morning on my oats - Esselstyn recommends as good source of omega 3.


Yes it is confusing. Oats are advised against by some owing to high omega 6 and carbs. Flaxseed against owing to low absorption...this is featured elsewhere on Health unlocked



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