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Lp-Pla2 lowering through statins

If you have VERY HIGH Lp-Pla2 then statins combined with ezetimibe would seem to be the best option because they work. BUT there is the problem of side effects...other methods would appear to be very high dose Omega 3 (8 gms?) but this takes time and all the time you're walking around with very high Lp-Pla2.

If you don't smoke, drink, are not obese, not stressed, not a huge waist, low waist:hip ratio what could have caused the very high Lp-Pla2 ?

But that's two questions...has anyone here who fits the 'if you don't' sentence managed to lower Lp-Pla2 quickly?

How soon after one test should Lp-Pla2 be tested to see if therapies are working?

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Wow - so much that could be said. Your study link about niacin is broken. Nonetheless I have seen a study that shows niacin plus statin is way more effective than omega 3 plus statin, ezitimbe plus statin is just statin by itself.

My PLAC was 265 which is very high. What is your level now and how long did it take?

One of the other studies linked to says lowering Lp-Pla2 makes little difference if CHD is stable - does that mean other lipid markers are low?

The section on EPA and DHA. I always thought trigs were the bogeyman until yesterday when someone pointed out a link between ldl- c and Lp-Pla2

Thank you for your link - I shall explore the blog further


Niacin is a little confusing with regard to Lp-PLAC2, one study suggested it raised it whilst another I have seen suggests it lowers it. There are multiple studies showing that Omega-3 reduces it however but you need to take about 3g per day and I would imagine get a quality mix of EPA and DHA. My problem is that fish oil upsets my stomach, even a good one gets me after about 5 days. Krill oil I tolerate well however but there are no studies that I know of on Lp-PLAC2 and krill although I cannot see why it would not have a similar effect


How did you get on with lowering your plac2 Mark? I have recently had the test done and am in the highest category. I scored a 695 u/l and this is activity essay not mass. I've had 2 stents in my RCA over 3 years ago. The literature out there is confusing as this marker is used in conjunction with others. Since it's so called purpose is to clean up oxidation it suggests allot of it going on which can't be good. Again there's no RCT's and nothing is concrete so how much emphasis you place on this marker is not clear. All my other markers are really good but Ken to hear how others are fairing now this is becoming a more common test




I have not had it tested for around 18 months, the last time it was slightly down but still just above the minimum threshold


Hi Paul

Any further news on your pla2 numbers? Have you managed to reduce them?




I was due a test last week but Bluecrest cancelled it. My CAC is zero though and I continue to exercise etc I hope to get a new date for a test


Ok no probs would be good to know if any difference. I've started to take resveratol supposedly this has shown to improve this marker


Where and how did you get your ldl particle test done?


Where possible I get tests done in Portugal as they are much cheaper but I think this particular test was done via Blue Horizon (online)


Is the blog you linked to, yours?


I have lowered my Lp-pla2 from high risk to low risk through diet and lifestyle modification as well as vitamin supplementation.

For everyone's reference, a discussion about my last blood test, along with a reply to a post where I detail my diet, exercise and supplement regimen can all be found here:


If anyone has any other questions - they can message me privately or continue the discussion here. You do NOT need pharmaceuticals - you only need to address your dietary, supplement, and lifestyle habits.

There's a myth in our society and among doctors that all nutrients required for human health can be obtained through our diet. However it is exactly that - a myth. Think about it, how many of you eat a well balanced diet containing nuts, fruits, vegetables, legumes, eggs, dairy and some animal protein on a daily basis? How many people abstain completely from sugar and other sweeteners, as well as packaged foods?

Most people eat a sufficient variety of foods to avoid certain vitamin deficiencies but there's a difference between avoiding a deficiency that can result in say 'scurvy' and consuming enough nutrients for 'OPTIMAL' health.

The use of supplements is essential for 'OPTIMAL' health. I do blood work every 3 months and have been tracking the impact of each additional supplement I have added and see the positive impact on various blood metrics.

Over 100,000 people die annually from prescription medications, virtually nobody dies from vitamins annually. Links to research on this subject are available through this blog:


Good luck to all.

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Every minute, of every day, many people die and are in the painful process of dying, all over the world, as a result of the side-effects of pharmaceutical drugs.

Not only is it ridiculous to see the drivel on the inane and insane 'quackwatch' sites, but it's disgusting too. When you count, annually, the horrific numbers of people that are debilitated, disabled, impaired and killed by the side-effects of pharmaceutical drugs, year upon year, it is - in my opinion - on a par with genocide.


Yes but it is ALSO terrible how people trade on this. For example I have recently seen a huge advert for some sort of regimen as it 'duplicates the French paradox' and it quotes all sorts of studies to get you to buy the book.

But the French paradox was a myth


Oh, come on! You cannot surely be comparing the suggestion of buying a book (which you can choose not to buy) with the massive number of deaths per annum? The two things cannot be compared.


I am not comparing. The action is trading on people's lack of knowledge, fear, trust in pharma, trust in politicians, doctors etc etc It is lying/manipulating data for profit rather than well-being


The two cannot be justifiably mentioned in the same breath. And, in my opinion, it is misguided to mention the massive number of horrifically disabled and dying, in the same breath as someone suggesting/encouraging that you purchase a book. It's that kind of thing that winds me up on those insane 'quack watch' sites.


Either you have not read my post or you do not understand it.


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