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Cholesterol, gallbladder - anyone? other bits below

This is the next investigation - ie what's potentially up with the GB cos apparently the stones can contain cholesterol.

First check and control was last summer with cholesterol, BP - am also working with a functional med practitioner - just had a stool test - wrong stuff happening there too! My B12 and folate are heading south - so dealing with that now, anyone aware of the FOLATE TRAP? Sorting A D and K1and2 - whew - have felt a walking disaster but feeiing a bit better now. Needless to say my thyroid isn't right though the NHS says it is (multinodular thyroid) and my homocysteine has gone up - 18 - to be sorted - the figures are fascinating - just wish they weren't mine. Yes have been throwing money at this multifacited problem.

I also plan to see if the NHS will do an MTHFR check. As I've been taking two steps forward I do one step back. Diet control - off the white stuff - easy to stay off though it's tempting - just keep me away!



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Hi Flissie,

Congratulations on getting a thyroid diagnosis - many people wait years or decades before getting diagnosed.

You should consider creating a post with all your recent lab results and reference ranges on:-


You may already know that the thyroid and other things (e.g. inflammation, infection, stress, heavy metals, veg oils, refined sugars and wheat, flour and gluten) affect Cholesterol/Lipid levels and accelerate Cardiovascular Disease and Osteoporosis, etc - most people are never told this by doctors.

I'm sure you'll receive helpful info on the Thyroid UK forum.

Good luck. πŸ––πŸ»


Don't think Flissie has a thyroid diagnosis yet 😊 Sounds like Hashimotos ....


Hi Marz, πŸ––πŸ»

Flissie mentioned, "thyroid isn't right... though the NHS says it is multinodular thyroid". πŸ€”

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