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have to see the cholesterol nurse.

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I had a blood test about 10 days ago to check that my thyroid & cholesterol are ok. I got a call from my doctor`s receptionist booking my an appointment with the cholesterol nurse & the doctor wants to see me about my thyroid. Iv`e been on 50mg of levothyroxin for a few years now, but i stopped taking it & tried ashwaganda in the hope that It would get my thyroid working properly again. I`m very disapointed that it obviously didn`t work & I`ll have to start taking thyroxine again. I`m also terrified about my cholesterol. They wouldn`t tell me my numbers over the phone, so I`ll just have to stress about it until Monday when I have my appointment.

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I had mine done last wednesday the doctors rang me yest it was 4 when i was on statins. I stopped and just took the odd one without telling him it's now 5.5 I told him I will just take 1 every other day as my legs were terrible even though it was only 10mg as I take letrozole for breast cancer and already in pain 24/7 with joint pains from them. I have tried 3 different ones for bc and all the same and this is the 2nd statins I've been on. So he says see how I go on and do another test in a few months

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jimmyy in reply to sandylo

To all those concerned about their cholesterol levels and now put on statins; don't accept the argument that statins are needed to control cholesterol levels because your level of cholesterol is under genetic control and statins interfere with its role in controlling infection, producing the levels of all the hormones you need to balance your metabolic activity. The root cause has to be dealt with drugs treat symptoms if they treated the disease pharmaceutical companies would go out of business. Your body needs nutrient support and treatment to re-balance your hormonal activity. See my post to Marz some week or so ago when I uploaded a document which addresses the need for nutrient support and not increased prescription of drugs!

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Rosebud1803 in reply to sandylo

Hi Sandylo , oh me too , isn’t the pain just so debilitating 😩. I too have stopped taking statins for a while.

Each and every day between the Letrozole and statins I can hardly walk have pain in all my joints life’s rubbishfrom that perspective. Also now have osteoporosis, which I put down to the Letrozole I am due to see a specialist next week so will see what he suggests.

I have started taking CBD oils which have had a massive affect on my sleeping , now having a more restful nights sleep, thankfully

I hope that your well.

Best wishes Bernie

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sandylo in reply to Rosebud1803

It's really nice to be able to get to someone who understands, I've been on cancer tablets for eight years in September and not been able to get out without my car (I call my legs) the pain is horrendous. Then the atvorstatin as well I feel like the living dead. Although the statins has brought my number down to me it's not worth it I'm now just taking it every other two nights as it seems to be around 5.5 now where it was 7.5 a year ago. Ive heard about the oil but don't know much about it as my sleep is awful tossing and turning all night awake every two hours. Where do you get it and what make is it please x

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Morning, Yes it makes a difference doesn’t it , nobody seems to understand the depth of the pain each and every day.

I am only 2 years on Letrozole not sure I can do 10 but will see how I go.

Yes the statins are dreadful aren’t they , every other night seems to be a good idea. Will try that.

I initially bought it at Holland and Barrett but it didn’t seem to do much for me. But after hearing loads of positive benefits I was determined to find something.

Anyway I found a company called Simply CBD, it’s a UK company with a lovely ethos behind it ( they want to purchase a 100 acre farm in wales for a dog rescue ). There is a FB group as well.

I emailed them and received a response with really sound advice.

For pain the recommended dosage is 20-25 mg , I purchased the

‘ purple’ one and take 5 drops at night, it really helps me sleep.

Some nights I don’t sleep well but can’t seem to figure out why , although these are few.

I also bought the gold cbd oil which gas black pepper and tumeric in , which I take in the morning, it has helped certainly.

I also received a sample of Fiddlers Elbiw Grease which is a hemp based product, I use it on my hand have a lot of nerve pain , this is fab I can feel the immediate benefit.

Both companies have websites , the cbd oil is cheaper than Holland and Barrett and there is more choice.

I found them really helpful.

I hope this helps you xx

Hi Bernie,

Where do you get the CBD Oil from in Australia......I have only managed to get the Hemp Oil which I take every day.

Thanks for any info.


Hi Marianna I am in the UK.

The company is called Simply CBD. They have a fb page and website xx

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sandybrown in reply to Bellaroma

Please take a look at this link:


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Bellaroma in reply to sandybrown

Thanks for the link Sandybrown....that is my understanding of the situation as well. Australia is so far behind most European countries in relation to this and it is so frustrating and totally ridiculous.

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sandybrown in reply to Bellaroma

This link is from an email I received today, information on CBD oil.


In days gone by if anyone had raised cholesterol - they treated their thyroids. This was before Thyroid Testing back in the early 70's.

You need good T3 levels - the Active hormone. 50mcg is a starter dose and should be raised every six weeks until you are feeling good. The dose should be adjusted at that time.

Sadly the NHS only test the TSH and FT4 - when that is only part of the story. Do you have Hashimotos - auto-immune thyroid ?

Also test B12 - Folate - Ferritin - VitD - they all need to be optimal for your thyroid hormones to work well and for you to feel well :-)

Ashwaganda works with the Adrenals more I believe. Once your thyroid is correctly treated with a TSH of 1 or under and FT4 and FT3 in the upper part of the range - your cholesterol will lower.

I would be more concerned about Homocysteine levels - ask your GP for a test ...

You are legally entitled to have copies of all test results with ranges so you can monitor your own health and see what has been missed !

Nice to see Marz mentioning homocysteine.....first identified as causing high cholesterol when pharmaceutical company’s were researching cholesterol. Many of us with thyroid problems have low levels of b12 which causes high homocysteine which can be a cause for high cholesterol..........

Statins produce money for these companies.....b12 does not.....I rest my case.

Only to add it works for me !

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Underactive thyroid as well as cholesterol levels can be corrected through diet and exercise.

Drugs are stop gap and temporary measures. A permanent solution is a new diet and lifestyle.

Read my posts on lowering cholesterol and addressing heart disease:


Also, read this:


Watch this video:


If you get sugar and simple carbs out of your diet, you will help your thyroid regain its normal function.

Good luck.

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Marz in reply to sos007

Dr Axe - says in the link you posted above - there is no cure for Hypothyroidism ! Of course I am on your side with your approach to diet and lifestyle - but .... I suffered TB AFTER the vaccine was given to me in my teens - I am now almost 72 ! At 27 I found myself in hospital for almost 6 months and several operations later it was discovered I had TB in the gut with Crohns in the ascending colon. Many operations followed over the years to treat the complications of Crohns - 13 in all. Even a recent Orthopaedic appointment laid the blame firmly at the door of Crohns and Hashimotos - and yes I know and understand the issue with inflammation.

Once the anti-bodies have destroyed the thyroid then no amount of good food will replace thyroid hormones. Would you say the same to a Type 1 Diabetic ? Yes - possibly you would - as it is also auto-immune.

The only thing I take is T4 and T3 and a whole host of vitamins and minerals for the thyroid. I do not eat sugar or simple carbs - living in Crete I can eat locally produced products. Cauliflower couscous for breakfast - homemade soups for lunch - fish/chicken for supper. I teach yoga twice a week - having started to teach at 65 ! I swim miles in my pool during the warm months and until recently walked miles with my beloved Greek dog who sadly passed away in February. Now that is more of a cause of illness if ever .... :-) I am still running a business with a Guest House and a Studio and meet people from all over. In fact we have had many guests from Vancouver - long term- and returnees !

So I live with the ineptitude of the Medical profession who thought in my early 20's that the Erythema Nodosum in my legs was due to a cabbage allergy - the rectal bleeding was because I did not know the difference between my front and back passage and of course I would be well once I found something to occupy my active mind. ( at the age of 20 when married I made all the curtains for my whole home - grew vegetables - made all my own clothes and those of my daughters - started a business in the next village designing and making childrens' clothes) - and so it went on. I even met Versace in a home-made dress that cost me 6 GBP's !! I am 5'11'' - look strong and well and have always presented a healthy front to the world. An appendix operation at 18 had the Medics screaming at me that there was nothing wrong with my appendix. What they missed were the two TB abscess scars behind the caecum that had caused the pain over the years .... At 27 the TB mass inside was too much to remove - so it is still there but inactive ....

So for me being diagnosed with Hashimotos here in Crete back in 2005 at 59 was a lightbulb moment. No longer did I sleep for 6 hours during the day - until supper time - thank goodness I was retired. I look back over the years and revel in my new found knowledge and when looking around at my peer group think - Girl done good !

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sos007Ambassador in reply to Marz

I should have started with the qualifier 'most people' - as you pointed out, there are always exceptions.

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hairyfairy in reply to Marz

Iv`e had antibody tests which have shown negative, so my thyroid condition isn`t autoimmune. I tried taking ashwaganda to heal my thyroid, but obviously it hasn`t worked.

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Marz in reply to hairyfairy

Do you have your thyroid results with ranges ?


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Marz in reply to hairyfairy

You are legally entitled to have copies of all your results with ranges so you can monitor your own health and spot what has been missed :-)

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Londinium in reply to hairyfairy

Every time one of your doctors runs lab tests, get a printout of those lab results with their reference ranges for yourself. You can then create a post on the Thyroid UK forum of Healthunlocked and ask for the opinions of other members.

It is easy for someone without thyroid dysfunction to presume that by following a low sugar and low carb diet you can restore good thyroid function - it is far more complicated than that.

All sorts of things can aid thyroid function but there is no guarantee that, when you apply all those things, you will then have good thyroid function. It is not that simple for most people.

By all means, improve your diet and use supplements etc, but don't assume that will be enough to normalise and optimise your thyroid function. If it were that easy, the Thyroid UK forum wouldn't be the biggest forum on Healthunlocked.

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