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Crategeus oxycanth is it good for cardiac patients?

The above medicine is told to be extremely good for cardiac patients. It purportedly prevents heart attacks. Anyone using it?

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Where is this info from??????


Search the net and you will find that the salutary effect of crategeus oxy (mother tincture) , on cardiac issues, has been proven so many times by research organisations. But I desired reply from a person who has used it personally.


Yes, Hawthorn Berry is in a number of Cardiovascular supplements. Andyman can easily research it.


LONDINIUM....do you recommend it while I continue the regimen of aspirin, plaviz and rosuvas ?



I am not you. I do not know what all of your medical conditions are. I do not know what all of your symptoms are. I do not know how all of your drugs will interact with each other or how they will interact with your medical conditions.

I am not your medical practitioner. Consult your medical practioner about this or seek the advice or opinion of an integrative practitioner whom you trust. You are responsible for your own decisions.


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