Cholesterol and brains

Read an interesting article by 'doctor in the house' GP Rangan Chatterjee. The article was discussing migraines. Apparently CoQ10 is prescribed by more and more neurologists for migraine as it reduces the production of free radicals in the brain. It does make you think that research ought to be carried out into the affect of low cholesterol on brain function. As readers know CoQ10 is recommended if on statins.


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  • Hi Caassiejo,

    Here's what I wrote earlier today on someone else's post on this forum.

    "Dr Rangan Chatterjee of the BBC Doctor series went on to study nutrients, supplements, etc because his child was very ill and ended up in hospital... but neither he nor the hospital doctors could figure out what the problem was. After a ton of tests, they realised that the child was Vit D deficient. But none of them had studied Vit D or any other Vitamin in their medical training. It was a disturbing fact for Dr Chatterjee. So he went on to study Functional Medicine and he continues to regularly attend seminars, conferences, workshops about health, nutrients, nutrition, diet, supplements, etc.

    I was very ill for decades with classic symptoms of Vit D deficiency. But not one doctor identified it, diagnosed it and treated it. And not one doctor apologised for their longterm failures and the damage to my health and life by their ignorance and stupidity.

    So people must question their doctors, and they must do their own research."


  • I respect Dr. Chatterjee he advocates lifestyle change before medication. As you say we must take responsibility for our own health these days. Hope your health has improved.

  • Dementia/Alzheimer's is on the rise, and is it any wonder when statins (which drastically reduce CoQ10) are prescribed... and doctors don't tell patients to take CoQ10 supplements? 🤕

  • If you look on a site like PubMed you can find research summaries on cholesterol levels and brain function. It's a complicated subject. Levels that are too high or too low seem to be detrimental, but this can depend on other genetic variables.

  • As you say this is very complicated, trying to get to the correct link has been difficult!

  • Yes I found a few links but as you say complicated and contradictory so think I will leave it to the 'experts'. Will rely on my common sense!

  • Interesting. Wasn't CoQ10 supplementation for statin patients thought to be because statins are HMG-CoA reductase inhibitors that also inhibit some CoQ10 production pathway? It's been a while since I was on statins so I've not looked it up recently.

  • Yes that’s my understanding. The mevalonate pathway in liver is the target of statin. They inhibit HMG-coA reductase so reducing cholesterol levels. Unfortunately Coenzyme Q10 is inhibited as well with all the consequences well documented on this site. As you say interesting!

  • Cassiejo,

    Thanks, a lot of new things to learn and understand!

    I asked this question on another post. May be you can help with simple explanation.

    "What is the relationship between high cholesterol ,dementia and Alzheimer's?"

  • Goodness me Sandybrown what a ‘million dollar question’ lol. It is all so contradictory and a lot of sites gobbledegook to me! All I know is the brain naturally has high cholesterol. So my simplistic logic assumes it needs this to function properly. Statins can lower Cholesterol dramatically. Does this affect function? Dementia is on the increase ? Why. So many questions especially as statins are said to help dementia! Sure there are other people on this site who have opinions on this subject. Be good to hear them. If it wasn’t so scary would find it fascinating.

  • Thank you.

  • DakCB-UK, Are you OK?, have not seen any response for a while!

  • OK but not great. I'm having another medication adventure and all the various pshological side-effects that brings. I just don't feel up to facing the diet fans and scam site pasters on this forum much recently so I am on other less-health-specific sites more.

  • Thank you for your response. I am thinking of moving on. I am now involved with Oxford University research group and more online medical course.

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