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Statins, cholesterol and lifestyle choices.

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Hi everyone, I have been asked several times why I don't take statins, when my doctor would rather I did. I have now written an article explaining why.

The article questions the reasoning behind the mass prescription of statins. It presents the real causes of cardiovascular disease and points to lifestyle changes which help to prevent CVD and therefore statin overuse.

This link takes you to it on Facebook:-

I hope you find it of use. Please feel free to 'share' and/or 'like' it with others you think may find it of use.

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It must have taken you some time to prepare this document. Very well written document. Do you allow printing a copy?

One question. I am seeing my GP next week to ask for blood tests. would it be possible for you to list the blood tests I should go for?

For the list five years it has been the standard NHS, lipids numbers and blood glucose. My life style change and regular exercise has helped me and helping me, I am 70 want to enjoy a healthy life, once in a while I do like to eat and drink what I want.

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pgstatins in reply to sandybrown

Hi Bala, yes, you can print it off, no problems. If you look at the latter part of the document, you will see what I consider to be the better blood tests. Of course, these come at a price. The NHS standard test, as you now know, has limitations.

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DakCB-UK in reply to pgstatins

I think is the test you refer to? $300+a trip to London, Edinburgh or a few other places.

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DakCB-UK in reply to DakCB-UK is £143 for just Lp(a) (and free Lipid profile if you want) and people may find a Nuffield Hospital easier to get to. I've yet to find ApoB in their catalogue, though.

Please can you make it available as a document (web page? PDF?) because a facebook gallery is very difficult to print.

I'll try to get a web page or sumsuch organised. In the interim, if you let me have your email address, I'll send you the PDF directly.

I have now made the article available in Google Drive, which should be much easier to read and print. Here is the link:-

A very informative article thank you. Wondered what your opinion of the ketogenic/LCHF diet is? I am at present reading book by Stephen Phinney & Jeff Volek 'the art and science of LC living' which advocates a lot of what is suggested in your article. But the emphasis on high fat still worries me after being brainwashed for so many years. Would welcome your opinion.

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pgstatins in reply to Cassiejo

Hi Cassiejo, I must admit, I'm no expert on the ketogenic diet, but it seems a bit extreme to me unless there is a specific reason to use it, such as obesity. I have adopted the LCHF diet and it works very well for me. I also like it because it chimes with the paleo diet. Whenever I'm buying food ingredients, I always try to ask - 'would we have eaten this tens of thousand of years ago, and in these proportions?'. This is our genetic heritage.

I know the high fat thing requires a leap of faith, as you say, after all these years of mis-information. Please bear in mind though that it's all in proportion, no-one is saying 'eat all the high fat you like'.

Hope that helps you decide.

Yes thank you. I have been low carb for over a year but I do indulge occasionally when out so not sure I have the discipline for the keto diet anyway! I find the science fascinating though it's good reading.

Your doctor wants you to take statins because he gets a bonus for every patient he puts on them. Its business.

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