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Don't need statins!

Hi all, i have posted before with my journey since discovering i have FH and extremely elevated levels of lp(a). My next update was due around november when i go for my follow up appt but in the meantime, i had a blood test for something else and learnt that my numbers have improved within just a month since the last test 😊 below is results in aug/sept:

total 7.8/6.5, hdl 1.46/1.36 (slight reduction), ldl 5.75/4.23 (really pleased!), triglycerides 1.3/2 (increase maybe because i havent really altered my diet).

Overall, not bad i think and will continue with the same regime and am looking forward to my next appt when hopefully the numbers come right down to "normal" levels. I am hoping the consultant says something like "so the statins are working" To which i can reply "no actually, i havent touched the statins" 😁 Just the thought of taking statins brings back horrible memories of lethargy, muscle ache, brain fog, etc but i feel great with my non statin method and i owe a lot of appreciation to the guys and gals on this forum who have helped increase my knowledge and put me in charge of my health πŸ‘ Thank you 😊

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It is good the numbers have come down. Is it life style change and regular exercise?

If you can explain on how you reduced the numbers it may help others here. Thank you.

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Hi Sandy. I have posted what i am doing in a previous post. In terms of lifestyle change i can honestly say there has not been much change. My diet isnt brilliant but i am not overweight. I walk 1.5 miles a day but have been doing this for the past few years. Hope this helps 😊


You're on the right path, but not quite there yet. Try getting the triglyceride levels down by reducing sugars, both simple sugars like the white powdery stuff, honey, agave, maple syrup as well as food and drink that converts to sugar in the body - alcohol, fruit juices, desserts, white flour products, white rice, packaged foods.

Continued success.

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Hi thanks and yes definitely agree and will be making changes to my diet


I was told by my GP, by the Consultant at my outpatients appointment, and then by the top Lipids consultant at Oxford, that I DEFINITELY had familial hypercholesterlaemia, and I've had huge pressure to go on statins. If not statins, then this new antibody treatment that really aggressively lowers LDL levels. This was based on two maternal uncles having fatal early heart attacks, my mum having high cholesterol, and me having high cholesterol. I was sent for genetic testing, which didn't come back with anything conclusive, but the consultant was still adamant I definitely had FH.

At my last appointment, the consultant said, 'You definitely don't have FH, your cholesterol levels fluctuate too much for it to be FH." He said that what I had been doing (eating low carb, high fat) shouldn't work..... Like you, I had a bad experience with statins and now refuse to take them. His latest verdict was, 'well, it shouldn't work, but it obviously suits you. Keep it up.'

Also, I've read that there are definite benefits to familial hypercholesteraemia - less risk of cancer and infections, for instance.


Hi, would be good to know your numbers especially when they fluctuate as i find it odd that your numbers are going up and down through diet as my consultant told me FH is not influenced by diet, environment, etc?

Your last sentence is interesting as i hardly ever suffer from illness despite being surrounded by people sneezing coughing etc and as far as i know, no one in my family tree has ever had cancer.

I am pleased with my vitamin approach as my numbers improved significantly and i suffered no ill effects like i would have on statins.

Sometimes i cant believe i am going through this like i havent had/got enough problems! But on the other hand i am glad it got picked up as i can try and do something about it! And this forum is a brilliant place!


Hi again, yes it's a great place, isn't it? I only found it recently.

My total cholesterol readings have been 5, 5.9, 7, 8, and 9.2. And not necessarily in that order!

I think if you truly have FH - which is inherited via a gene abnormality - then your levels will stay pretty much permanently high, probably in double figures. I think that's why my consultant finally decided I didn't have FH. I'm beginning to suspect my higher cholesterol readings are due to something to do with my thyroid hormones. Doing detective work currently on this ;-)

Here's the link to the article on benefits of FH - bmj.com/rapid-response/2011...


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