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The medical profession can also emphasise that simple lifestyle changes will have a rapid beneficial effect on health and quality of life

This is also a very interesting link from Dr Aseem Mahotra with a clip from a radio interview he gave in response to recent news on NICE guidelines for prescribing statins - well woth listening to. I am not promoting his book (although i have bought it).

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I think the medical profession and the NHS do emphasise the importance of lifestyle changes. They also make recommendations about eating plenty of fruit and vegetables and getting plenty of exercise. NHS Choices is a good source of information.

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NICE guidelines do recommend The Mediterranean Diet, which I think is what Dr Mahotra is advising. To be honest, I think that eating a wide range of fresh vegetables, salad and fruit, which are local and seasonal, could be as effective, although getting the full range of 'colours' might be a challenge.


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