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A Miracle Cure!

(well it worked for me)

After giving up on Statins after not getting any back up from my GP, I am now able to walk again! My last 2 holidays (October 2012 and August 2013) were ruined as I was limited to shuffling around in agony with leg pains, and no useful help from the doctors, about 2 months ago, I made the decision to stop taking statins completely, and noticed a slight improvement after a month, and this last week, I have been walking around 5 miles a day in hilly Cornwall, yes the legs are tired from being unfit, but gone are the debilitating cramps and the lack of ability to move, followed the persistent pain even when I slept at night.

So am going back to the GP to request cholesterol checks, and then look to manage this aspect of my health without statins if possible.

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GOOD ON YOU and thank you for sharing. They're not for everyone.


I've stopped my statins as well. I was getting severe neck pain and headaches due to muscles being in spasm and totally knotted up. I'm not sure it was the statins and may go back on them after a few months when I get new cholesterol results. I was on 40mg a day.

A few years ago I reduced my statins of my own accord, from 40mg a day to just 3 pills a week (I couldn't be bothered to cut them in half). Anyhow my cholesterol went from about 4.9 to 5.6. Since then I tried again on just 2 or 3 pills a week plus eating loads of fish (4 nights a week?), when I eat beef it's grass-fed only, and various other things I can't recall at the moment. Was down to 5.1 under this regime.

My next test for my current, 100% statin-free regime, will be about XMas time, so I'll get back to this topic then if I can remember!

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Well done Mikky! After hundreds of hours of research on the internet I have come to believe that a "natural" diet is the only way to go. I believe that 20 years of suffering from IBS, and finding out I am dairy intolerant, is because of the 20th/21st Century manufacturing and processing of our modern food. I am getting back to organic, local and fresh fruit, vegetables, meat and fish like in the days of our Grandparents and keeping as far away from modern processes as much as I can. I am also reintroducing organic dairy food back into my diet, and if I can, I am going to source "raw!" milk - after all I was raised on it without any problem, and was a fit and healthy child! It hasn't been easy, and I am having to try and retrain my mind towards the choices I make in the shops. I am beginning to realise that we miss the little, local butchers, grocers, fishmongers and greengrocers that were the staple of our streets. The Supermarkets, however much they try to boast that they are local and have fresh food, still keep a huge range of cheap, overproduced and overprocessed food that can be kept in fridge and on the shelf for days and weeks with all their preservatives and sugars. With the emphasis on reducing salt over the past few years the introduction of higher levels of sugar to preserve is I believe the main reason we are still suffering from such high levels of heart disease. Anyway, off my soapbox and on to a healthier lifestyle. Best wishes to you Mikky and all of you who are having to walk that tight rope of Statins v Health. I am glad I am not on there with you. Best wishes to you all


Well done Mikky! I've come to the same conclusions as patch14. I'm now following a low carb diet. It's not easy, I've spent my life always looking for the low fat option and eating pasta, rice, wholemeal bread etc. Now I'm making all my own meals from scratch and avoiding sugar, I have so far shed 8lbs, and this was unintentional! When I attend my high blood pressure clinic I am going to ask for a blood test to check my cholesterol level and if, hopefully it and my BP are better, I will share.

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Congratulations, Mikky - that is encouraging news. And patch14, I am agree that many 20th/21st Century forms of food processing are stripping our foodstuffs of their nutritional benefits, and – in some cases – making them more harmful. I'm personally not sure about 'raw' milk, as I think the pasteurisation process is necessary to kill bugs, but I have concerns about the 'homogenisation' process, by which the fat is broken up into millions of microscopic globules and left suspended throughout the milk – which seems a wholly unnatural state of affairs. Like you, when I was growing up, non-homogenised milk would be left on our doorstep, with the cream often separated out at the top. Because milk producers felt consumers didn't like this, they opted for homogenisation. I have not been able to track down any non-homogenised milk anywhere these days - which seems crazy. Fat, in its most natural state, is not as harmful as previously thought. It's now widely accepted that trans-fats (a chemical form of processing) are harmful, and I can't help wondering if 'homogenizing' fat might also be harmful. Do let me know if you track down any non-homogenized milk.

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Interesting discussion.

We're farmers (but not dairy) and from what I've been told "in the trade", the longer the milk lasts the more you should be concerned maybe. Milk should not last long, so we buy from our local milkman, and it goes off fairly quickly I'm glad to say.

What (I am told) the processors do for supermarkets etc, is force the milk through a very fine sieve at high pressure, which does as you, homogenises the fat so it tastes a bit creamer I guess, but mainly because it makes it last longer. Side effect though, is your body takes it up more easily so.

I always wondered why milk is bad for you, yet a large number of dairy farmers who often drinks masses of the stuff, fat the lot, live a good long life ! I'm assuming the fat doesn't get taken up?

It's processors that do this, nothing to do with the original milk production itself.


I was raised on raw milk - straight from the cow! and it was always used on the day it was taken from the udder! The milk on the next day was cooked in puddings etc., and never drunk raw. Plain, old fashioned food hygiene!!


Thanks for sharing it is reassuring to know that I am not the only person affected by statins in the same way as you. Fortunately I have a lovely GP who is prepared to listen and advise. With her monitoring she told me to stop the statins for 8 weeks to get them out of my system, Within a couple of days a miracle cure happened I was able to walk without pain and regain my mobility. My GP has started me on Fibrazate which is apprarently not a Statin so far so good.

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Hello janyemm, I have just joined this site today and read your post with much interest. I wish the GPs in our surgery were as patient as yours !. Like many others I am now convinced that my various worsening cramps,arm and shoulder pains and sleep disorder are down to the two various statin prescriptions that have tried. I didn't realize it can take so long for these horrible side effects to go away after stopping the statins. It's the first that I have heard of Fibrazate , so will Google more info on this.


Bravo! So happy for you! Wrote down the non statin you are on!

Thanks so much, janyemm!



Well done Mikky,glad you are enjoying your walks in the best place in the world.x

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Well done Mikky. After having terrible pains in my hands, and very disturbed nights, I ditched the statins altogether. Hey presto- problems disappeared as if by magic. Now trying to self-regulate by reducing carb intake. Good luck for the future!

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well done Mikky!,I also gave up on Statins totally last year,

I have never checked if my blood tests showed any difference.

unlike yourself my agony has continued,walking is too painful

,I am waiting for a Powerchair,it takes so long to get one,all of the testing etc.

I reckon it will be snowing by the time I get my chair!

.I also found out last week that the agony in my hands and wrists is because I now have Rhuematoid Arthritis

to go with the OsteoArthriis.... I have suffered from all of my,now I am on several more pills for that.

.in all?,I take over 24 pills a day,and,after taking a painkiller for over 30 years?

last week a blood test showed that the salt in the pill was affecting my B/P pills????

so,I had to stop taking the effervescent one,..but ,could take the same pill in a capsule state.

I have a great Dr,I got the impression that they had "missed" the fact,that no one had connected the fact that I kept complaining about the agony I was my hands which is an indication of it being Rheumatoid...

and,the fact that I had to have an Operation on my right digit,"(my main typing finger") and it has been total agony typing,so,I have to cut down my favourite hobby,Computing..

I had a "slipped disc" in my finger..


my god,I have been having slipped discs in my Spine for over 40 years!!! ending in 2 major Ops,

I have had every treatment known to man for Arthritis...

but,now I have to begin again!!!!!

this time I may have Injections for the Rhuematoid pain........

well,I have had loads of injections and none ever worked for me......I am allergic to Morphine,so, that's out


I wonder how much worse my condition has been because of Statins,which I have taken 40 mg for years,

never knowing about the side effects until last year.!!........

one thing I am sure of?stopping them has NOT stopped my pain.,such a shame !!!!!!I

was looking forward to some relief.. I wish you all well!......


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Thanks for all the replies, it is re-assuring to think I'm on the right track, after various explanations from the learned medics for the 'pains' which I have also suffered in my arms and back.

I did not have these problems before I arrested last year, and was told the combo of statins and blood pressure meds were the 'gold standard' treatment for a full recovery. I queried the meds after running into the muscular problems, my creatine levels were checked, and nothing out of the ordinary, and it was then blamed on my being overweight, which I am, but nobody could give me an answer why it should affect my arms, as I do not walk on my hands!. the blame then went to 'getting older', rheumatism, arthritis, and so on, but still no one could tell me why the arrest could turn me into a cripple in 2 months flat.

After reading about how statins can cause long term muscle damage, I am puzzled from a layman's point of view how it is that my GP was not concerned about this, after all the heart is a muscle too!

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Mikky you've hit the nail on the head, the heart is indeed a muscle in fact the most important in the body.

My statin experience was a complete nightmare, my GP sent me for X-ray's blood tests and even said I may of had a minor stroke, not once did they think of the statins causing my problems.

With a cholesterol level of 7.5 I was prescribed statins and my life fell apart after. Been off them for 4 months now and almost back to normal

( with the help of supplements) never again will I take a statin and I'm also not interested what my cholesterol level is.

I've spent last few months researching cholesterol and am now of the opinion it's vital for our health and the medical professions insistence that it causes heart disease is one that is slowly but surely being found out to be a complete myth.

Best diet for a healthy lifestyle is low carb, protein, saturated fat yes!! Saturated fat so get back eating butter and avoid all low fat food it's full of sugar.

Happy to share where I get my info from just ask

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just time for an update after today's visit to the GP

GP has finally admitted that the Lipitor 80mg may have been the cause of me not being able to walk, after my own decision to stop taking them resulted in being 'cured' (took a few months to recover).

Now has decided to put me on Bezafibrate (Fibrazate XL) 400mg based on my cholesterol result of 6.2 over a year ago. says same effect without the side effects!

I'm unconvinced, as I would prefer to wait to see what this years levels are , and also the warning from another site that 'caution should be taken if previously had muscle problems with statins!'

Anyone got any more thoughts on this drug?

needless to say I'm not going to start taking them without further research, as the old saying goes - once bitten twice shy! [or was that a song from my past, courtesy of Ian Hunter :-) ]

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Hi Mikky, I was put on this after four statins caused muscle pain and general illness. Sad to say this drug had the same side effects for me - muscle pain, fatigue and nausea. You may be OK on them. The only way to know is to try them. I have now tried five statins and Fibrazate. I have taken a six week break since the last one and have just started on Ezetimibe. Fingers crossed this will be OK. Good luck.

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I was on 20mg Lipitor, to reduce all different types in cholesterol, yes it di work, came down from 6.8 to 2.9!!!

Side effect very bad, gave up after three months. Now I am trying to control cholesterol by food intake sallow process and very difficult. Keeping a record of total cholesterol by going to ASDA, chemist for testing at £10.00 a time. My question to my GP was why do I need to reduce cholesterol? Damage done by high cholesterol?, going through the process of finding out what damage has been done. My appointment with a cardiologist is Tuesday next week, this is to discuss treadmill stress test. What next angiogram or whatever!

May consider for nature to take its course!

My next NHS blood test is in February 2014.


My two devils were Crestor or Rostivastin and Lipitor Atrouvastatin..btw!



Thanks for keeping me sane! You are inspiring me!

I had the same problem with statin drugs; initially Rosuvastatin, which yields protein spilling'- not good as I have a kidney disorder where they are trying to stop it and later Atrovastatin which made the violent pain at the back rib cage and often upset stomach worse. I looked both up on and the side effects were right there.

My doctor told me that he had never heard of such a thing and refused to remove them from my regimen until November when the pain was so intense that I could not lay down. The lowest my LDL ever went with the statins for over 9 months was 124 ( 0-129) is normal.

I am a vegetarian and eat well. Since being off the statin, the pain is gone. My LDL was 131last reading.

My GP is against a statin right now and thinks that I may be allergic. My endocrinologist has been pushing the Rosuvastatin, ( Crestor) and is annoyed by my lack of compliance to his orders.

Thank you so much for your story and the reassurance.

Continue to feel good and do keep in touch.



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