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Update on coming off statins after 20 years


just like to share with you my progress .after 20 years of being on a statin 10mg liptor /crestor I finally dispatched them to the rubbish bin on the 20th Nov 2017 . Sounds very bravado doesn't it but in essence I have wrestled to do this for many years . A triple bypass in 2005 made me seriously question the statins effectiveness and its claim to reduce CVD having scored a calcium rate of almost 900. So here I am 23 days without statins and I have to say I am astounded at the improvement in the muscle and skeletal aches and pains I have had to endure for so many years . The problem with these aches and pains they can tend to creep up on you overtime and one thinks it is age related. The pains I suffered with, in various parts of my body are not there except some minuscule residue. I cannot believe the improvement. I am sticking with mainly plant based diet and taking 3000mg Vit C daily with the same amount of Lysine. I do expect my cholesterol to rocket skywards from 4.2 back to its original 6.5 without a statin but I am feeling to good to go back to the statins . I will organize a blood test in 3 weeks time ,I am hoping to reduce it down to 5.0. I believe the stringent low fat diet combined with the statin contributed to me having my triple bypass . My theory is one the statin inhibited the absorption of goodness out of my diet and 2 I was to severe in cutting out healthy fats . I am a man who never had as much as 1 ice cream or piece of cake in 25 years . Now I know cake and the like are not good for you ,all i am doing here is pointing out how stringent my diet was and combined with the statin I took it had no effect on arresting the calcification in my arteries.

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Well done. I like you was on statins for many years and it didn’t halt progression of plaques build up, calcium score 596 in 2004 and went on statins and in 2013. I adopted plant based diet just before my bypass on 2014 and gave up statins 18 months ago. My muscle problems and fatigue I was experiencing has now gone and I feel very good. Cholesterol went up from about 3.0 to about 4.5 but I am not convinced that is a problem.

bobaxford in reply to bobaxford

In 2013 calcium scare had gone up to 1560.

johnally in reply to bobaxford

bobaxford I had my first calcium score in 2004 also, and my reading then was 383 so I really took care of myself re diet exercise . The only mistake I believe was taking the statins religiously as my score in 2014 had also sky rocketed . So I would say the proof of statins not working in our case was blaringly obvious.

Hi Johnally,

Congratulations on reaching a statin free milestone. Our bodies haven’t changed much since we occupied caves. So treating them in a similar manner to that time makes sense to me. Natural food, fasting, sleeping after food etc.. All characteristics of animal behaviour today. Also I’d recommend taking a look at Dr Malcolm Kendrick’s Blog on CVD. It may give you peace of mind re your potential cholesterol increase. Best of luck.

Peter (pain free after kicking statins into touch)

Thanks Peter I will have a look at DR. Kendricks Blog on CVD. For as many years as I can remember I have been told my pains and other associated symptoms I experienced had nothing to do with Statins. I have spent years ruminating over this advice which at times has caused me more anxiety that one should normally feel . Just these past 3 weeks feeling so much more content and good about my decision to ditch the statins

Nannyval in reply to johnally

Well done what your saying is so true We can’t all be wrong The top man at The world health Organisation said they know enough about Statins to take them off the market he put his Name to that it risky if it’s a lie and that was a few years ago and he still in the job say no more

Sounds like you’re on the right track! I am convinced that a) statins are really bad for you, b) high cholesterol is not a problem except in a few very specific cases, and c) fats are good for you, with the notable exception of transfats. But the body needs natural fats such as butter (preferably from grass-fed cows), olive oil or coconut oil. And there’s nothing wrong with having the occasional slice of cake or cookie - I certainly do!

Hi just interested how you tell if butter is from grass fed cows as I don't remember seeing this on packets? would like to know where I can get this from 😀

Good question! The thing is, I live in the Netherlands and here the so-called 'grass butter' is available in every shop and every supermarket. This type of butter is a little softer, so it's more suitable for spreading. But frankly, I also use 'ordinary' butter (preferably organic), that should work just as well. I just avoid margarine and canola oil or corn oil. Good luck!

Thanks, I don't think there is any way to tell here in the uk, unless someone else sees this post and knows the answer. I also buy organic butter if I'm in a shop which has the choice, same for milk and also avoid the seed oils after seeing a TV programme which shows what happens to them at smoking point!

Well, I do use groundnut oil or sunflower seed oil sometimes for frying at high temperatures, because olive oil is not really suitable for that. For the rest I use butter or olive oil, or a combination of both.

CDreamer in reply to Fran182716

I don’t think there is a definitive way but I do know that most Irish dairy produce and locally (Devon) tends to be grass fed and that most US and continental dairy produce is mostly grain fed.

I stick to the Irish and the local.

Fran182716 in reply to CDreamer

Thankyou, I'm in the West Midlands and tend to buy the supermarket own brand organic, or the Cornish one if I'm in Aldi. Probably good idea for me to do some research!

Interesting - I was told to up my fat intake but not through cakes and ice-cream! High quality, cold pressed oils, coconut oil, some butter but to cook in butter and add oils.

Adding 100ml of olive oil per day has been shown to help reduce cholesterol.

I refused statins and use plant sterols. I am very happy with total cholesterol below 7 as long as the ratios LDL:HDL are good, which they are.

I refused statins and very glad I did.

I just recently had bypass - 7 months ago and though on a low dose statin - it has taken away my energy. You guys need to help me understand your cholesterol levels4.2 , 6.5 - I don't know what that is - mine is in mg can you shine some light on that for me

naginat in reply to superempi

In the UK cholesterol levels are measured in

millimoles per litre (mmol/l). However, if you have

your cholesterol levels tested in Europe or USA,

your result will be measured in milligrams per

deciliter (mg/dl).

How to convert

To convert from one to the other please use the following formula:-

To convert cholesterol levels:-

Cholesterol mg/dl = mmol/l x 38.6

Cholesterol mmol/l = mg/dl ÷ 38.6

To convert triglyceride levels:-

Triglyceride mg/dl = mmol/l x 88.5

Triglyceride mmol/l = mg/dl ÷ 88.5


Cholesterol 5 mmol/l = 193 mg/dl (ie 5 X 38.6)

Cholesterol 3 mmol/l = 116 mg/dl (ie 3 X 38.6)

Triglyceride 2mmol/l = 177mg/dl ( ie 2 X 88.5)

I had a triple bypass in 1999. Before the op the hospital put me on statins for the first time. A couple of days before it they took me off again because of the adverse effect they were having on my liver. About a year after the op The medics put me on 10 mill. I have experienced grogginess and (depression?) on waking up and liver readings have been adverse. So I have been gradually giving up and hoping that exercise and strict dietary discipline will keep cholesterol within acceptable limits. There is no shortage of good advice available. I think it is not just about the science. It is about balancing life quality against risk in the context of age. The factors in this little 'equation' will vary from person to person. I have been feeling much better but feel that the decision must be a personal one not one size fits all; and I know people who have no problem with much larger doses than I was taking.

johnally in reply to ohpilip

ohpilip Are you saying you no longer take a statin and if so when did you cease and how long were you on them, what were your cholesterol readings on and off the statins . I do totally agree with you when you say its not and cannot be just about the science more balancing life quality and risk in the context of age. I have heard many accounts of people well into the eighties being prescribed a statin for the first time which to me at best borders on negligence or ignorance take your pick.

naginat in reply to johnally

Old people can be easy victims of statins because any "side effects" including death can be blamed on.... guess what, old age!!

naginat in reply to ohpilip

You say "keep cholesterol within acceptable limits". Acceptable by who? I say trust your liver to know best how much it needs to produce. The limits pushed by the drug companies are all bogus. They always cover their crimes by hiding behind highly manipulated statistics, and use purported benefits vs risks to scare the population into submission. The fact is that more heart attacks are happening not in spite of, but quite because of statin use. We are better off taking the risk of taking our health into our own hands, i.e. adopting anti-inflammatory diets and staying active!

Hi Johnally, I too went off statins, after 10 years and in the almost total leg debilitation, about 9 months ago? Actually I am off all my heart medication, and i have never felt better!!

johnally in reply to Sparky3333

Hi Sparky3333 I hear of so many people who have stopped their statins . We all cannot be wrong but try telling it to a member of the medical profession . How long did it take before you really felt your old self after stopping the statin and what brought you to first using the statin ,was it just high cholestrhol? Regards john

Hi J, it took about 6 months before I could walk, get up , not have my leg collapsing. Its almost 100% better now, except for some residue weakness. I regard statins as the crime of the century.

Btw Johnally, when my Dr tells me my cholesterol is 7, and I say "good" he nearly has a fit:)

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