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Advice on managing -or not- my 'high cholesterol' levels, linked to my under active thyroid

Hi, I've not posted here for a while, however I do have some questions that maybe someone may help me find a solution to. Firstly I'm hypothyroidien and on daily Levothyroxine (87.5), I'm ready to accept that it is quite well managed- a part from side effects (quite a number but I can support them), however my Cholesterol levels are another issue: A few months ago my overall cholesterol was 8 mmo/L ; HDL1.4mm/L, LDL=5.63mmo/L; tri= 2.12. After 3 months of 'painful' treatment (side effects: painful articulations, muscles, fatigue) of Ezeterol 10 mg I'm down to (all in mmo/L =Overall cholesterol 6.24; HDL=1.48; LDL=4.05; tri=1.55.

So I've stopped taking the pill as the pain in my articulations is too much; I'm feeling much better but even after all the articles in the media and notably the book on "Cholesterol the Great Con" I'm still asking myself if i'm not a case to be treated for 'high cholesterol' even though at 65 ans my arteries are fine. What do you think I should do? My mother had high cholesterol levels and is now 93 having had a stroke due to fibrilations, but not the fault of her high cholesterol level.

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I suggest you read this article first.

I have made a major lifestyle change involving diet and exercise and it has brought all of my blood chemistry into the desirable range of results.

I have become a vegetarian but still eat fish and have some dairy - primarily goat dairy, but do have 0% fat plain Greek yogurt made from cow milk. The only cheese I eat is Feta as it has half the milk fat of most cheese products, and goat milk in general is not as likely to clog your arteries.

You can look up my post 'Getting off Statins' for more information.

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Could u sens me thé link to thé article, please. I admit to starting à major overhaul of m'y diet to no cereal except rice, blackwheat, sésame, no animal dairy products. Big change for me, started 2 days ago, but very willing to try your diet as I love cheese....



You will see over a period of times what happens and it's possible that you will still be able to eat cheese and keep cholesterol at a nice level.




My diet is vegetarian based, but I eat fish 3 times per week. I also eat goat dairy. Goat milk does not clog arteries like cow's milk. The only cow dairy I still have is Oikos 0% fat plain Greek yogurt.

I do not eat any simple carbohydrates. That means no white bread, white pasta, white rice, white potatoes.

I eat 2 slices of whole grain German bread daily. I eat brown rice, whole grain or spelt pasta, and sweet potatoes once every couple of weeks.

The rest of my diet is based on legumes (beans, chick peas, lentils) and lots of vegetables including baby spinach and arugula salad daily. I use olive oil liberally and the only cheese I eat is Greek feta made from goat and sheep milk.

No soft drinks, no desserts. I have a teaspoon of honey with my tea (3 times per day). This includes green tea. I use a teaspoon of honey for the yogurt.

Red wine 4 days per week with my dinner or lunch.

Exercise though is critical - I do an intense workout 4 days per week and in between those days I walk for an hour.

Good luck.


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