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Cholesterol Test 4 months ago


I am new here- I went to the doctors to get some help with stopping smoking - I had a session of hypnotherapy by a doctor in the doctors surgery ( more of relaxation and going to a place in my head that is calming and a pressure point for when I had a craving) - I am pleased to say that along with a pen I have been smoke free for over 3 months.

The doctor asked me before the above about my family history etc and he suggested I have my bloods checked for cholesterol. So I made an appointment and had my bloods taken and tested, not just for cholesterol but a general health check on them too.

I received a call to say they wanted to discuss the results with me and so i made an appointment and I am border line (can't remember the figure) I was advise to change my life style ie stop smoking which they knew I was already trying to do, eat healthily etc. Then to go back in 6 - 12 moths and get checked again.

I am proud that I have given up the cigarettes, however I put a bit of weight on and found the 12 week plan on Saturday and started it today.

I am also trying the couch to 5k and doing the stretching and flexing as well.

Any advice / tips would be gratefully received

Off to have a wee look around now - thanks for reading

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Your doing the right things. With weight it is generally over eating that is the problem. Even by eating healthy you can put weight on. Portion control is the key.

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