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Advice regarding recent bloods please

I had some blood work recently for something else, but my liver function and cholesterol were included. I would be grateful if someone could help interpret the results for me and advise as to what to do next.

LDL Cholesterol 3.58mmol/L (0-3)

Cholseterol 5.61mmol/L (0-5)

Liver Function

Gamma GT 40.0 IU/L (0-42)

Alkaline Phosphate 85.0 IU/L (35-104)

Albumin 40.0 g/L (34-50)

Globulin 33.2 g/L (19-35)

Alanine Transferasse 35.9 IU/L (0-35)

Bilirubin 5.7 umol/L (0-20)

Total Protein 73.2 g/L (63-83)

Many Thanks

Sarah 😊

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You should include your triglyceride values as well as your HDL values. Triglycerides are critical as they measure fat in your blood stream caused by glucose.

In the absence of that information - LDL is sub-optimal but not horrible either.

Vitamin C levels in your blood stream are inversely related to LDL cholesterol. You can lower your LDL by taking 2,000 to 3,000 mg of Vitamin C per day, spread out throughout the day. Use 1,000 mg tablets each time. If you can get the time-released version, even better.

Vitamin C is not toxic even at very high doses as long as your iron and ferritin levels are normal.

Please provide your triglyceride and HDL values.


Hi sos007

Thank you for your reply, I shall look at getting some vitamin C.

The blood tests that I had done did not include my triglyceride or my HDL values. I am going to attempt to speak to my GP today regarding my low B12 result and will discuss my cholesterol at this point too.

So far I have found my GP’s very unhelpful I have had several discussions regarding my thyroid with little to no success, when I recently asked for my bloods to be checked (including my vitamins) they refused so I have gone ahead and got them tested myself with what I could afford.

I appreciate your advice, thank you 😊


I apologise I do have my Triglycerides etc I have posted them below:

LDL 3.58 mol/L (0.0-3.0)

Triglycerides 1.35 mmol/L (0.0-2.4

HDL 1.42 mmol/L (0.9 - 4.0)

Ratio 25.31% (25.31-100)


5.61 mmol/L (0.0 - 5.0)

Thanks :)


Your triglyceride levels are good but sub-optimal. Optimally they should be 0.7903 or lower. Heart disease is caused by inflammation in the arteries. Inflammation can be caused by a variety of factors, one of which is a diet that has too much sugar or simple carbohydrates. Other causes of inflammation are high blood pressure, a sedentary lifestyle, or extreme exercise (such as triathletes, and marathoners).

Your HDL is good but again sub-optimal - it should be over 1.55 mmol/l.

Learn how to raise your HDL here:

Niacin (vitamin B3) also raises HDL. Be aware Niacin causes a harmless 'flush' the first few times you take it. It is best to take it on a full stomach with a full glass of cold water. Dosage is 500 mg up to 3,000 mg, but I would start with 500 mg and see how you do. I personally take 700 mg.

Vitamin C and Lysine (an amino acid) together help the body synthesize collagen. Collagen repairs damaged blood vessels, tissues, cartilage, tendons, bones and ligaments. Take an equal dose of each.

B12 supplementation is also important if you don't consume much animal protein. Some people have difficulty absorbing B12 (pernicious anemia) even if they do have sufficient animal protein. Therefore it is important to check your B12 levels during a blood test.

Good luck.

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Thank you so much for your advice and help so go appreciate it, I am going to be retested by a very nice GP that I spoke to today in January as that is the earliest I can get an appointment 😊


Your most welcome. One thing I forgot to mention is that Niacin also lowers LDL and is known to reduce anxiety depending on dosage.

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Thank you 😊


Thank you 😊


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