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My recent lipid check up results

Following my recent regular 6 month check up, there were my figures.

Total Cholesterol 3.4 mmol

Trig 1 mmol

HDL 0.9 mmol

Fasting Glucose 6.6 mmol

Creatinine 198 umol

I apparently also have impaired fasrting glycaemia, and have lost over a stone in weight since my last visit. I think the creatinine level was thought to be high and he has contacted a nephrologist for his opinion, but all in all, not a bad set of figures.

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Well done on the weight loss!

Your creatinine levels are outside the 45-90 range, implying potential kidney damage as a result of insulin resistance. Your fasting glucose confirms you had a little too much carbohydrate leading up to the test.

You might use a little more fat to improve your HDL levels and HDL to triglyceride ratio further.


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