Cholesterol of 8

Hi. I am 54 year old female, I have coeliacs and have recently been advised that I have 'mild' diabetes and a cholesterol of 8. I'm horrified. I exercise a lot. I cycle about 40 - 50 miles a week, walk as often as I can and am always on the go. I am a little overweight but not horrendously... I could lose a stone say.

My GP has started me on statins and will monitor my blood glucose levels ..

Any advice..

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  • If your blood glucose is high that will negatively impact your blood lipids in terms of vldl and triglycerides. Keep your carbohydrates below 50g per meal, protein less than a palm-size per meal, with the balance made up of natural fat.

  • Demand a referral to a dietician or consult a coeliacs support organisation before blindly following the online cult of Low Carb High Fat.

  • Thank you for your concern Dak :) I have been coeliac for over 12 years and am monitored annually at a GI clinic.. I manage my coeliacs very well..

  • I think you replied to the wrong post DakCB-UK. I don't consider my advice to be low carb/high fat. I refer to replacing how much glycogen we use, which is adequate or optimal carb. I think a rationale for eating more than we use of something would not be sensible in terms of chronic health.

  • Still looked like carb restriction and "the balance made up of natural fat" to me. What basis do you have for thinking weee only uses 50g's worth of carbs?

  • Most people use between 100g and 150g of carbs per day. Of course if someone is aware they are radically different from this they would account for that.

    Our bodies have specific needs, and deviating greatly from that correspondingly increases the risk of chronic ill-health.

    If two-thirds of the energy we use in a day for instance is for low-level activities, where oxygen is available to facilitate fat burning, then those calories can come from body-fat or ingested natural fat.

    The body only keeps about 2000 kcal of glycogen to use for more intense activities, and it doesn't store protein. It can use excess protein to make glucose, and this produces nasty side-products including ammonia and uric acid, which the body then has to cope with.

    Too much high-glycaemic food (or baked beans or yoghurt too) raises insulin/IGF-1 levels too high, promoting growth of the endothelial lining of arteries for example, and inflammation.

    Too much fructose raises the level of harmful triglycerides and vldl.

  • Low protein/high carbohydrate (LPHC) diets when food was always available delivered the same benefits as calorie restriction in terms of insulin activity, blood sugar and cholesterol levels, the scientists found.

    Read more:

  • It is interesting bala. Bear in mind that this is comparing the LPHC diet to a semi-starvation diet.

    Diabetes UK say the amount of carbohydrate eaten has the greatest determination of blood glucose levels; what happens when you eat more carbohydrate bala?

    If it was compared to an eating method as I describe above, the outcome would be even better.

  • More cab, more glucose! Have been careful with food intake to keep HbA1c and cholesterol numbers.

  • Mine was on 9 six weeks ago. I've been put on statins too. I'm going to get my cholesterol down then come off them...I don't want to stay on them with all the bad press there is about them.

  • Why not see how you go on them first? I'd prefer not to be on them because of my past experience, but if you've already started, why not wait and see, THEN decide?

  • I will, I have been on them for a week now with no ill effects ..

  • I have to say everything I have read pretty much says the benefit can outweigh the risk. My GP said he knew of recent bad press but given my family history (mum CABG aged 60, her dad died of a heart attack aged 63 and my brother had a CABG aged 49) if he was me he'd want to start statins.

    Is simvastatin the best?

    I am looking again at my diet but it's pretty good - gluten free of course - but I could go on to skimmed milk and low fat butter etc..

  • This attitude always puzzles me. NICE's own figures state that statins are effective for 450 out of 10,000 heart, stroke or mortality incidents. That's only 4.5%. We don't have a clear picture of how widespread the side effects are; we do know they are very severe in some instances.

    A low glycaemic, high natural-fat Mediterranean diet has been shown to be effective for one third of incidents; that's 33 and 1/3%

  • I can understand that Traci, and triglycerides consist of three fatty acids bound by a carbohydrate backbone; we've been here before.

  • Hello Wee

    Hope the statins suit you and get the desired effect. Have you had a look at cutting down on carbs, sugar in particular? It can often help, especially if you are borderline diabetic.

  • Thank you Penel, yes indeed. I have gone from 3 sugars in my tea and coffee to zero and I have cut down drastically elsewhere too. I had already cut back a lot on carbs to try to lose weight. I am now looking at cutting down on dairy fats etc..

  • Good luck weee.

    It's impossible to eat a controlled carb, low fat diet and be healthy in the long-term. The only other available macro-nutrients would be alcohol (with obvious dangers) and protein, which if eaten in excess and broken down into glucose produces nasty side-products including ammonia and uric acid.

  • Yes, I have always viewed statins in a positive light and I read some research today which said - 'In recent decades, potential anticancer properties of cholesterol-lowering statins have received significant attention. - See more at:'

    I have to say the first reply to my query scared the bejesus out of me..

  • That first reply actually seems to have disappeared ..Strange...

  • Trouble with cutting back carbs is, when I', cycling to and from work (8 miles there and 8 back) if I don't have some carbs I feel all weak and wobbly...

  • Choose you carbs with care, high fibre and low GI. Good luck.

  • Unfortunately there is the factor of hereditary. I also have lived a physical working life which included being on the go hardly ever sitting down all day.I have eaten a sensible diet and have never been more than slightly above normal weight for my height and build. But unlike you have always had a fairly low cholesterol reading. I've enjoyed taking part in several sports. But I still have various degrees of blockage to my arteries. For instance, mt right carotid artery is between 70 -80 percentage blocked. and some degree of blockage to various heart arteries.

  • I'm sorry to hear that Sargrith. I have a family history of early cardiovascular disease so will be speaking to my GP about the inherited element.

  • I contacted the Heart UK helpline and spent a good 25 minutes talking to the very knowledgeable nurse there who suggested I ask my GP for a referral to a lipid clinic.. So I'm going to do that...

  • Hello Weee, haha! here is my advice, start calling yourself a woman not a female, as there is nothing wrong with being a woman, i can vouch for this as i have loved one for 40 years. Tell us all what you eat and drink and, what you used to eat and drink. Diabetes is never mild, does one go mildly blind or have mild amputations, mild heart disease or stroke?. I bet your doctor has got some mild drugs on the shelf for you, but they won't change anything. I will change my name soon, maybe to 'the Jacobite' a mild one of course. Na!

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