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I have a family history of heart attacks. My total cholesterol has always been below 5.0 mmol/L. I suffered a heart attack 5 years ago. Fortunately my specialist consultant diagnosed, that using statins alone, I still had a high Lipoprotein (a) count .60 g/L (the marker level is <.30 g/L). Lipoprotein (a) is a very sticky fat which just clogs the arteries. Niacin in combination with a low dose statin, firstly using Niaspan reduced my Lipoprotein (a) down to .28 g/L and then using Tredaptive down to just .18g/L.

Niaspan and Tredaptive have no doubt saved my life, but both have now been withdrawn.

I have now been prescribed Acipimox, which is not as effective- Lipoprotein (a) is .45 g/L

Are there any other alternative drugs available

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  • Hi I cover how I got my LP(a) down in my blog. Just scroll down to the blog entry labelled 'Latest Blood Test' at


  • Hi,

    Had a look at the link, the information is medical and technical, had difficulty to follow. Learned something new today, have to read again to fully understand.

    At what point did you go for this type of blood test?

    Did your GP refer you for these testes?

    Am learning from your experience. At the moment I am on simple blood test for total cholesterol. Thanks.

  • No my doctor did not even understand these tests. When I asked him about getting an LDL particle size test for example he did not know what it was. I have had to find out for myself what the latest research is saying. In a nutshell Linus Pauling is an advocate of Vitamin C deficiency being the root cause of heart disease. There is also a theory that Vit C reduces LP(a). My LP(a) was very good at 0.18 but then I went away for 3 months and did not supplement. On my return it had spiked to 0.36 (above the 0.3 recommended). I went back on 1,000 mg vit C from good old Boots the chemist and my LP(a) returned to 0.23. I would suggest you supp with Vit C but check your LP(a) levels before and after a reasonable period to see if it actually has an effect.

  • Hi,

    Thank you. Will make an appointment to discuss this new test with my GP.

  • If he does not know where you can get the test then I use BlueHorizon

  • Thanks.

  • i take niacin B3 from the nhs it works for me and my family

  • What dose and type?

  • the brand is solgar 500mg i take 4 a day and i get it on a prescription from the nhs or you can get it on the internet from bodykind

  • Solgar 500mg had no effect at all on my lipoprotein (a). Are you sure it is effective on you. There are 3 different types of niacin available and some are not effective. Does anybody know of a true niacin(nicotinic acid) ( aka the old Niaspan now withdrawn)

  • yes iam sure it works go and do your research how do you know it doesnt touch the lpa ? ive had my bloods done all my family use it go and read the book on niacin b3 ive had the heart attack and the triple by pass op my own heart and lipid consultants agree it works good luck

  • Thanks for the info. I am glad it works for you but it doesn't for me. 1000mg Solgar daily had no effect on my LP(a), still the same 50% higher than should be.


    Derek Brown

  • your not taking enough you need to take 2000mg a day for it to work if you read Dr abram hoffer niacin book it will open your eyes take care now

  • you need to take high amounts of niacin b3 for it to work on your lipids

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