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Lp(a) not LDL-C - Famous Personal Trainer - Has Massive Heart Attack - Real Risk of Heart Attack and Stroke Is Finally Coming to Light

Read this article about a fit, healthy personal trainer who collapsed with a massive heart attack:


As everyone on this forum knows, the medical community has an obsession with lowering LDL-C. The primary tool for this has been statin drugs.

Anybody who has taken statins knows of the side-effects, but some continue to endure them because they dare not challenge the medical authority.

Well, medical history is filled with examples of medical practices which were once commonplace later being found to have been wrong. Blood-letting is one example that comes to mind.

Lp(a) is thought to be genetically pre-determined with no effective tool to lower it.

Statins do not lower it, neither do a healthy diet and lifestyle.

The only method to lower this value is the Linus Pauling Protocol Therapy which I have been using for the last few months. I have lowered my Lp(a) from 764 to 510 mg/l. This is still above the 300 mg/l or 30 g/l threshold, so am still not there yet.

Here is the therapy:


Good luck to everyone.

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Thank you once again! There is a very strong history of heart disease on my fathers side of the family...


Somewhat old news. Anyway this is how to lower it by about 25% heartuk.org.uk/files/upload...

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Old news to you and I, but mainstream medicine is only now starting to look at this. The link you provided to me ive seen before. I already take Niacin and other vitamins. Pauling therapy was more effective. Mine is down 32% so far.

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Hi sos 007,i was reading how you managed to lower the LPa. Iam taking Mercola liposomal vit c 1000mg but I note you take yours in sachets . In your opinion do you think the satchet are the better way to go also how economical re price are they as the ones I looked at were in 30 doses and around the $45 mark A little light at the beginning of the tunnel ,on TV tonight in Australia Perth a cardiologist in one of our major hospitals stated what we already knew and that is LPa is a main factor in CVD ,it went down hill from there as he spoke to middle aged people who have had the test and there children tested who all have the Lpa factor . Well you can put things in place for you and your children by taking a statin . He finished off by saying just a simple blood test can tell you if you have the gene ,but still in this part of the world the test is very rarely done . I requested once from my gp and just got a blank stare when I pushed him on it, it became obvious he knew little about it and that is just what the cardio said tonight that most doctors don't know about it which surprisingly infuriated me My question would be why in gods name are they prescribing some pill to fix something they know nothing or very little about.


Hi Johnally,

I cannot compare to Mercola's as I have never used it. I can say that the sachets are convenient for taking with you during the day. The cost is $42.50 Cdn per box of 30. I order a case and get a bit of a discount.

Yes, most doctors don't have a clue beyond the standard lipid panel because they haven't been trained to look for anything else. They also are not in the business of research so when they go home, I'm sure they do other things.


TBF, doctors rely on PHE and NICE in the UK. These organisations are letting us down by defending financial interests and the status quo.


Ivor Cummins acknowledges the increased risk of heart disease from Lp(a), but it pales into insignificance compared to insulin resistance which increases risk by 15 times!


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