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My latest heath check, should I be worried?

Diabetic control: Hba1C= 49, year ago 47. (Only once I get up to go to bath room after 4 hours of sleep most nights)

BP, 132/80, last time 132/76.

Cholesterol and blood fats, 5.9 last time 5.7 (This is the only number given in the check up results), I am sure I can get a print out of all the other cholesterol numbers.

Weight gone up by 1kg

Kidney test (ACR) =2. no change

Blood test eGFR= 60. no change.

Have an appointment with practice nurse to discuss the numbers. Between 040414 and 101114, spent five weeks in Singapore, can say good food, fish eggs, cheese,fruits, vegetables, rice, coconut, Tiger beer, 640ml daily!!

Exercise in the gym daily for 30 minutes and walking 2km as part of shopping.

Now after three weeks in UK weight has gone down, daily visit to gym and different food with intake control. Only time will tell if I need to consider any medication. Will give an update after the visit to see practice nurse.

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It appears that there is no interest in people's experience any more.

I have to stop my posts. Bye, Thanks.


There seems to have been little change in your scores. I would hope that the nurse can tell you if there is any need to be worried.


Just seen this post Bala. How often do you have a health check? Your numbers look pretty good to me , are you happy with them? What did your nurse say?

I ask because it's nearly 2 years since I had an NHS health check when they found I had hypertension which I have had checked every 6 months but now am told it's annual, the numbers are fine. Also I had an A1c a year ago and those numbers were almost prediabetic and this was after a year of careful eating, exercising etc. Do I ask for another or will I be summoned do you think? I don't want to be a nuisance at my overworked drs surgery but if I'm not tested how do I know what my BG numbers are - or do I really need to know?

Also re. cholesterol: my husband had a FBC recently and his cholesterol was taken without fasting. They give you the total, the ratio but not the LDL. When mine was done 2 years ago it was a fasting test and was borderline high - 5.9 total. My Qrisk recently was up to 14% and thanks to the new NICE guide I was offered a statin which I refused. When I then mentioned another cholesterol test I was told not to worry about it as I wasn't going to take a statin anyway !!



I go for blood test every sis months. GP practice nurse give me the paper work for me to the blood test in April during my visit in November. for November test I receive a letter to make an appointment with HCA for check up. The GP practice said the numbers are OK, keep controlling the food intake and regular exercise. Now days blood is taken during the day for HbA1C.

On cholesterol test, not all the numbers are given in the results. QRISK is a computer programme mad by human, as an engineer I do not accept this, just like there are two calculator for calculating some of the cholesterol numbers, one will give a negative number and other will give a positive number.

I get a very good service in my GP practice. This may be because I am not on any medication!

Forget about NICE guide lines. Eat and drink what you like in small quantities. I was in Singapore looking after my brother for five weeks before my blood test, I ate well four good meals a day, for afternoon tea there is always some thing to eat,four cans of lager every day, every morning to the gym! Now in UK back to normal, food intake control and daily visit to gym. Only time will tell. I may be going for a Blue Crest screening next year, every year both life line screening and blue crest write to me when they are in our area. Blue Crest screening is very good and also give a good report. I ask a lot of questions after the test and do get satisfactory answers. This can be expensive, under £150.00, three pounds a day I put a side for this screening.

In the new year please ask for another full blood test, next one in the summer.

Good luck.


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