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Hi everyone.Has anyone noticed cramps in their calves and feet since taking statins. ive been on various ones since having stents fitted 3 years ago.the cramps in my feet under my toes is bsd when walking and i have to kick my shoes off and go on tiptoes and push down and cllve cramps drive me mad at night.doc is doing liver function blood test to see if i can give statins a break.

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Could be a number of things: low salt, dehydration, bad circulation or even statins. I get them every now and then in my feet/toes and I'm on atorvastatin (1omg)


I know its not salt and i drink lots of water. could be circulation probs as as i get a lot of numbness in my hands and shoulders when using a phone or the mouse on the computor for too long. will see what transpires from the blood tests



Went to the doctors as I have had (calves) cramps while moving/stretching in bed, did not get any satisfactory answers, it is history now. Pull on the leg!!!

I drink a lot of tonic water or tonic water with a bit of salt.

Give it a try.

The pain from the cramp do last most of the morning.

Please let us know the results of blood function test and medication.


Have tried tonic mum suffered cramps and restless legs for years and never found a cure.


Hi, I never had cramp in my feet, calves or back of my legs until I took statins. It was really bad while I was on them. I tried all the statins and a fibrate. Even though I have been off them for six months now, I still get cramp in my feet, toes and calves at night.


I had a big problem with muscle cramps, particularly in calves and soles of feet with every statin apart from atorvastatin which gave me pain and stiffness in my fingers. Crestor 10mg gave me a hacking, asthmatic cough which only steam could ease. The muscle cramps were so bad that I had to leap out of bed and stand up, I couldn't go on like it.


Yes,the cramps get unbearable at times.I hope i get it sorted soon. Been on every Statin and am on 5ml Rosuvastin at the moment.


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