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Pain and sick hospital said nothing was wrong?

Sorry it is so long. The other day I had a little bit of pain between my rip cage and hip bone. That afternoon it spread and also spread through the night to my other side and up my back I was also feeling sick.

I went to my doctor he couldn't figure out what it was and to go to the hospital if worse so I did.

They did scans and blood tests and it all came back good, they gave me medication to stop the pain and sickness which made me feel worse or had no affect, it started spreading up to my chest and to my neck. They sent me to a different hospital all they gave me was medicine and it made me worse I was puking up and they sent me home the next day.

That was yesterday morning. When I got home I was fine but about an hour later it got worse again the pain and the sickness, it keeps coming back worse every half an hour or so and it goes away or just lessens.

I don't know what to do, the hospital will probably just send me home again. Please help me

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Sorry, the information here is far too vague. Please provide more information re medications you may be taking, health history etc.


Have you changed your diet, been doing exercise that is not your normal routine, been under stress lately? All these can contribute to physical pain and discomfort. As the hospital can't find anything wrong, I would suggest you go back to your GP and ask for another specialist, say, in thrombotomy, it could be something to do with your circulation.


Hi there, look up IBS I suffer with it but have it under control through diet. Sounds strange but suffered years before found out what it was. IBS can be very painful, cause bad wind which travels all round body, also cramps, vomiting, unknown amount of what your eating and keep a just might find your answer...hope this helps. Example: if I eat beans, in 2 days time I am in agony beyond belief, I kept a diary and pinpointed the problems. So check what your eating and drinking, and what's in them. Cath


Sounds like it could be an allergic reaction to something you have consumed.What medications are you on Anestacia.Sounds like the tests have missed something because your body should not be reacting in the way it is unless there is something seriously wrong.Would suggest also that you go back to the gp and demand more in depth testing.


Dear Anastacia,

Unfortunately NHS Direct ( ceased operation at the end of March and replaced with a free number - 111 - from any telephone. You'll get to speak to a nurse without the long wait. If it's anything as good as the NHS Direct was, then you'll be in good hands. Try it and let us know.

Good luck,




Are you feeling any better? Have you changed your food intake?

Medication some times do not help!

Please ask your GP to refer you to a specialist to check your stomach. Good luck.


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