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Chest Pain

I recently suffered pains in the chest, this started as a dull just to the left of the Sternum which was on and off during the day never at night that I am aware of. Gradually over a couple of days this got worse and spread into the Neck and at the same time I experienced a slight numbness in the Left Arm.

Initially I thought this was the result of an incident at work a few days previously when I got hit in the chest, however when the Arm started to go numb I went to A&E, Blood was taken but due to the time lapsed they were unable to give a definite answer. They did however say that they were almost certain that it was Angina and gave me a GNT spray to take whilst they referred me to the Chest Pain Clinic. I took the spray which relieved the strength of the pain however I have the ache there constantly, this was explained at the Chest Pain Clinic. I was then told that I would need to have an Angiogram,this took me by suprise as |I thought that they may have tried other methods of treatment first.

As I am sure you appreciate this is my first experience of this type of illness any thoughts/suggestions or stories of personsl experiences along the same line would be appreciated

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I suspect the reason for the angiogram is to definitively show it is Angina and not something else e.g. no point treating you for Angina if it's not Angina and with a non-specific blood test they want to make sure.

Based on other comments, typical symptoms of Angina (apart from the chest pain) is pain spreading to the neck and jaw and numbness in the arms. Combining these together would suggest some form of Angina so you were right to go to A&E and get checked out.


Thanks for that, now got me intruiged as to what the pain is if potentially it is not Angina? Guess we'll have to wait till Friday.


I have been through exactly the same experience, I have still got the pain but no real reason for it 2 years again.


You don't give your sex or age or any family or past medical history which can all be relevant in reaching a diagnosis. Did you have any other investigations, apart from blood tests, such as chest X-ray, ECG, scans? If I were in your situation I would be happy to be offered an angiogram at this stage so you know what you are dealing with & can then get the appropriate treatment. You must live in an area which is quite generous with its funding. Doctors are being told to make all sorts of cut-backs, due to the dire state of our NHS.


Chest X-ray and numerous ECG's have come back negative.

No family history but am 52 Yrs old, numerous Blood tests only showing slightly raised Cholesterol level.


Hi gord,

My symptoms started out the same as yours, and Xrays/ECG's also came up negative!!

I was given the bllood test and showed slightly increased troponin levels, so they decided to do the angiogram!

In the cardiologists own words he was glad he did, as i had severe CVD with numerous blockages upto 90%.

since then i've been offered 2 CABG's both of which i turned down in favour of stenting, of which i now have 10.

Just goes to show xrays/ECG's and even Exercise Tolerence tests don't give the whole story.

Go for the Angiogram, if nothing else it will put your mind at ease.

Cheers and good luck



I had very similar symptoms and had an angiogram. Was a bit anxious but the whole thing went smoothly and took about 20 mins. My heart was pretty clear and I still have some of the symptoms. Having the angiogram was absolutely worth it to find out what condition my heart was in. I wish you well. Let us know how it goes.


Hello Gord,

This sounds very like I have been over the past 8 weeks. I didn't go to the hospital until the next day though I now realise how daft this was! To late for the bloodiest to confirm anything. I had an angiogram which showed slight narrowing which was good as no treatment was required other than medication. I also was given a GNT spray which I've used a few times. I felt incredibly tired just after the chest and jaw pain etc , but am now back at work and feel a lot better and nearer to my usual self. I do hope that you also will feel better soon. I found it very worrying not knowing why I still got aches/ pains in my chest in the weeks after but now accept that how's the time together on with life. If I get pain like the original one I will definately go to the hospital promptly unlike last time where I didn't want to make a fuss!

Good luck


Thank you for the replies, tend to think that it is nothing. No real pain over the last 2 weeks just a dull ache in the top left hand side of the chest, the Angiogram will probably put my mind at rest if nothing else comes out of it.

But thank you all for your response.


Good news all round.

Firstly Angiogram done through the Right Wrist not the Groin which I am led to believe was painful and took ages to heal.

Secondly signs of narrowing but only on a minor scale in his words "What I would expect off some one of your age", not even going to worry about it at present.

However they can not give a definite answer to the cause of the pain, seems to think that it may be due to Muscular Spasm's in the Chest wall, recommended Asprin and a Statin to be taken daily. See what the GP has to say.


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