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Statins and side affects, high cholesterol, FH,

Hello, over the years I've tried a few different statins as advised by medical professions,

They do help they also cause harm, I've found a balance where I have reflexology on hands as well as feet,

It sooooooo relieves aches n pains the stains can cause. But you need to be mentally strong or severe depression can set it because of the lack of understanding from others how you feel day by day.

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Hello Scullster07. At the risk of being boring for other contributors to read, I am repeating my post on this subject as there seems to be so many people suffering unnecessarily.

Neither your doctor nor anyone else knows what you cholesterol level ought to be; cholesterol is an important component of the blood acting as a repair mechanism on the site of any injury. Rather than go into a long description I would recommend that you read what a heart surgeon says when he admits to having been wrong over 25 years. Go to:

There are also a couple of articles about Statins on the same web site which you can read at: There is an update at: And finally not wishing to give you indigestion on the subject if anyone suggest that you lower your saturated fat intake have a look at:

Make no mistake about it, in my view the Statin drug is only of good for one thing and that is the profit made by the pharmaceutical companies. Best wishes, Tibbly


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