28th Annual Conference

I had an opportunity to attend the 28th Annual Conference, I was there for Thursday 030714 and Friday 040714. There were professors, retired GPs, doctors, nurses and may academicis. This was a real eye opener. A retired GP gave his view over the last 30 years of statin medication and how it had helped many people. This is real evidence on astatin.

I know very little on cholesterol and statin before the conference, I am planning to visit my GP to explain the side effects and try different statins if possible to find the best statin for me.

I wish to take this opportunity to thank everyone involved in the conference. My view has changed on a lot of things, statin medication, food intake, exercise and many more.

MYANT LECTURE, "HDL-WHERE ARE WE NOW", one hour, this was my turning point, "U turn"!

Next year the conference will be in London, will be looking forward to going again to learn more.

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  • So, what convinced you Bala?

    My stance on Statins as a preventative measure remains as 'thumbs down'.

  • Money talks.But some doctors like doctor Kendrick have a conscience and commitment to reveal the truth.

  • How is the search for the statin suitable to you : trial and error or are there other parametric determinants . As I understand, even the same statin tablet from a different manufacturer can create difficulties (any thing to do with the different "impurity profile" may be?). Look forward to your comments on how the search for the best statin variant proceeds (hopefully, a muscle spasm by milder muscle spasm account, if you please).

  • Hi Bala. Glad you made the conference but, as one of the few patients there I am sorry we did not get to meet. I am pushing HEART UK to try to add an event, at next year's conference, just for patienter, as they did a few year's ago at the Newcastle Conference. Hope to see you there.

  • Horses for courses Bala! I am glad that you seem to find it so helpful - myself I have such a negative attitude to medicine and the medical profession where the pushing of statins is concerned I cannot see my way forward. My husband has stopped his statin because of swellings of the feet and wrists - within three days of stopping the swellings have gone. I believe personally that it is a change of lifestyle that is the only way to go.

  • Good for you.You can see the negative effect it has had on your husbands health and have taken the most sensible action.I will never take statins and will always follow a healthy lifestyle,backed up with high quality supplementation based on sound science.Not drugs with sketchy data and medical boards influenced by there pharmaceutical paymasters.

    We only have to look at the antibiotics news article recently to see where the pharma companies priorities lye.Not created a new antibiotic since 1987.When asked why not we were told that theirs no profits in developing antibiotics to save peoples lives because it was felt that they would not be used that often.Profit before peoples health.

  • Hello malcolmp - I am with you here! My husband is "old school" doctor knows best! I often have differences of opinion with him but it was with my argument in mind that he gave up his statins and realised that they were causing his symptoms! He is not one to ask his doctor questions and relies on his GP's medical knowledge as to his medication. He takes tablets but has absolutely no idea with they are for! Does not know his BP figures or his Cholesterol numbers and if he did wouldn't know what or why! It is not that he is uninformed he just thinks that as the doctor went to Uni and has letters after his name he is the expert ("I wouldn't expect my doctor to do my job so why should I do his") annoying but there you are! I follow a simple regime of diet, exercise and supplements. I have arthritis in hands and feet and try to do what I can to keep my weight down, fitness up and life balance in kilter! Not easy these days!

  • Medication--- I do not like medication and try to avoid it. I only take one medication and that is for allergy.

    Medical profession--- There is one professor and may doctors within the family, one cardiologist!

    Life style change is the way forward for me at the moment. Getting there slowly. Gave up station after 4 weeks.

    At the conference one GP from Sheffield had record of statin medication from 1983 to date, graphs showed how it reduced CVD.

    Professor from Scotland had evidence of life style change and exercise and how it helped football supporters to be in good health.

    My next blood test is towards the end of the year, depending on the LDL-C number I may consider statin, only time will tell. My GP needs to look at the overall medical condition as well. Life balance?

  • Can you remember what the study was called that GP showed relating to statin lowering CVD? I'd love to take a closer look at it.

    Just call me cynical but I'm sure it's flawed in some way

  • Hi,

    I am afraid I read this on a stand therefore no records. This is the first time a retired GP had 30 years of record that showed from day 1 of statin (1983) to date, death rate reduced for CVD.

  • Hi,


    Satin medication, 30 years of documentation. Retired GP's documentation a simple printed A3 and A4 pasted together compared to proper printing display on the stand!

    Shall leave it for Google on Heart UK site.

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