Offff statins😟😟😟

Any advice pl..,,,,,,,,,,,

Detected hyper cholesterol in 1991 about 300

Put on statin in 2001 readings reduced to 200

In 2006 statin dose reduced from 20 to 10 mg but ezetimibe was added and continued till 2016

During this period all types of side effects felt

Most worrying was impaired fasting blood sugar in the range of 110 to 123 constantly for last 10 years but pp reading is normal 99 to 120

Stopped statin for last one year a1c has reduced to 6.3 but fasting sugar is still 120

Rest all side effects are reduced except pain in lower legs

I m on hypertension medication since 2001

and ecosprin and clopid since 2013

No cardiac problem

Stress test and eco normal

Now my reading s are TC 325

LDL 248

Hdl 42

They 178

Doctors are after me to start the poison

Confused 🤷‍♂️

May pl share your thoughts

Any relevant article s is also welcome



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15 Replies

  • Try diet change. Anything to reduce cholesterol. You dont want to have to take the poisin!

    Although I have seen with my own eyes that friends who CAN take atorvastatin without the side effects are healthier than me who cannot!

    Side effects make life unbearable.

    Wish you lots of luck!

  • How can you tell if your friend taking statins has had any improvement in health at all?

  • Have seen it myself, both friends have improved health. Now Im anything but a statin fan! Just saying, it surprised me. But Im stilll not taking them because the side effects are horrendous for me

  • I hate to say it but it is impossible to see statins effects if positive. Your friends probably exercise more or eat differently or are more relaxed.

  • Actually I hate to say it, but they dont livehealthily!! I live much more healthily!! Surprised me that statin makes a difference! Me, i think statins are poison..

  • Statins lower cholesterol. There is no way such lowering is visible

  • Ok Mr Know-it-all !! Maybe I saw their results. Ever think of that??

    Don't ask if you don't like the answer.

    I was a surprised as you

  • Yes that is what I am saying - you cannot tell if someone is taking statins except from bad side effects. Everyone knows they lower cholesterol so if you saw their results it should not have been a surprise. There are no visible positive effects though and if they haven’t made lifestyle changes they are not more healthy now

  • Bla bls bla bla..try and understand what you read dear before you jump down people's throats with what you think is yoyr superior knowledge.

    Lighten up wonder your cholesterol is high from stress lol

    It's Christmas! Or is that wrong too lol

  • Not jumping down anyone’s throat but if people believe you can see the benefits of statins in people then that will encourage them to take them and then they will expect to see these benefits. When they don’t that could make them depressed etc

  • Very straight forward. Go to Facebook group side effects of statins. 3000+ members. They will give you all the papers you want. In time with significant lifestyle changes you will be off all medication. Also see lectures 6 and 19 of this free video course

  • Good advice! I’m a member of that group and you can find lots of information on diet, supplements etc. there - as well as lots of information about statins, none of it good.

  • Here I mean, of course, ‘good’ in the sense of ‘favourable’ not in the sense of ‘valuable’, i.e. none of the information on statins provided by this group is favourable, but it IS valuable!

  • Thanks

  • Start with a low dose full flush Niacin eg 50 mg to lower LDL and boost HDL

    Secondly give a full account of your diet on here and you will get plenty of advise.

    Your enemy is not the cholesterol readings but those blood glucose readings and no doubt your insulin levels. Insulin drives heart disease so you need to get that under control and what you eat/drink is your first port of call

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