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got cholesterol down 6.7 to 4.6 and triglycerides 4.3 to 2.0 following health/diet overhaul after hols there up to 6.7 and 3.5 How and why ?

On blood pressure tablets and under pressure to go on a statin.

Lost 1.5 stone in weight, now a pretty fit 58 yr old, this is quite a setback and is mystifying as I eat sensibly, drank fairly modestly and played golf 4 times on my wk away

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This is all to do with food intake! same with me, was in Singapore for two weeks, Dewalli as well. Trying to lower cholesterol and blood sugar. Do not worry about numbers, just enjoy life while you can. Weight, height and BMI are all made numbers! therefore listen to your body clock, if it is happy in ticking that is it, enjoy it.


Thanks may well have been down to food intake and no free booze days...still surprised though at such a dramatic change.

Be listening to my body clock you can be sure...HB


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