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Blood pressure and cholesterol linked


I’m on ramipril 5 mg . My blood pressure is on higher side , normally 140//90 sometimes 135/80. What is normal dose for blood pressure is 10 mg considered ok? I’m 52 yrs old male . Now on a diet to reduce cholesterol and exercise regular

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Please dial 111 and talk to a medical person.

Ok I can do but wanted a heads up what sort of levels people are on . I don’t want to increase unless I have to as and when told by my doc

My 63 year old partner had blood pressure of 160/90 she now has it down to 127/80. There are three main things she did.

1. Walk at least 45 minutes per day

2. Take 1000mg tablet of Kyolic Aged Garlic daily

3. Drink Hibiscus Tea (couple of cups per day minimum)

I suspect 1 and 2 are the main drivers in her case

Good luck

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Thanks mark

I am 68 and my BP was getting on the high side. I've always exercised so I cut out caffeine from my diet, cut my sugar intake way back and most important removed stress from my life. Now my BP is 103/53 to at the highest 120/55. I just know it worked for me - amazing how much it dropped when I learned to let go of issues and got rid of the stress


Up to 135/85 is considered high normal. BP changes throughout the day and it's is important to follow the instructions when using a device at home. Multiple measures should be done and averaged out. The best thing you can do is lose weight. I used to be on ramipril (10 mg) when I was 40 lbs overweight following a triple bypass. As I lost weight I would get dizzy from lower BP so I gradually weaned off. Spinach and arugula are excellent vasodilators (cause blood vessels to relax). Dark chocolate 70% cacao or higher, is also a good vasodilator. 2-3 squares per day.

Key is to lose weight. Cut out all sugar and simple carbs and don't eat any packaged foods or snacks. Walk 30 to 60 minutes daily. Reduce animal protein portions to 3 oz and have them only once per day. Fill up on beans, chick peas and lentils, as well as lots of green vegetables. An apple per day is important. Oranges, and blueberries are also excellent. I'm a 55 year old male and was 52 when I had the bypass. High blood pressure causes endothelial (the inner lining of your arteries) damage. This results in plaque accumulation. Vitamin C is used by the body to create collagen. If sufficient vitamin C is available, plaque will not form. Therefore you should take at least 3,000 mg daily of vitamin C, along with the same dosage of lysine. 1,000 mg x 3 daily, 15 minutes before meals.

Good luck.

Thanks sos . Are you in the medical profession as you are very knowledgable

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