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Blood Pressure remains at 200 and 130



My blood pressure remains at 200 and 130 and some time even 140. I do not feel headache, pain or any other symptoms. i have started taking amlodipin 10mg and it has come down to 180 and 110. is there still time to cure blood pressure without medicine. I am 44 years old male.

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I too have problematic blood pressure, one minute 289 over 139 then yesterday 101 over 60 I am never able to tell when I have irregular blood pressure apart from feeling flushed. I am on beta blockers, amiodapine plus others I have stopped having the occasional drink (red wine). I agree with Christine do not worry about taking medication (other than statins) just keep chatting to your GP - you do not say your age but this can, of course, have an important effect as can life style. Just don't panic ! and do not make your symptoms fit your supposed condition !

If you have regularly had your.. BP checked over years it will show whether you have naturally HBP and if you have don't worry about it as that will only send it higher. I used to be naturally low in fact some doctors said it showed I was only just alive and I was like that at 44 but now it is high but nothing like as high as yours. If you have a healthy diet and are a good weight + take regular excercise the main thing you can do is take as much stress out of your life as possible. My son works a minimum of a 12 hur day and is all over the place with a tremendous amount of responsibility and he is 43 and I often worry that he is a walking heart attack waiting to happen as heart problems run through our family. Have it checked regularly and that will mean your doctor is aware of it and can treat when possible.

A friend of mine repeatedly had his BP taken at the GPs and found it high. It wasn't until his wife went with him one day that they realised that they had to climb a hill to the Surgery!!! When he drove to the GPs and walked from the car to the clinic his blood pressure was "normal"!! Moral of story, your blood pressure can vary from hour to hour depending on what you are doing!! Have you thought about wearing a blood pressure checker (I think you can get them in the local high street chemist) Although not exactly accurate it will give you an idea of daily fluctuations. If the GP is giving you medication and you are following a good exercise regime and your weight is within boundaries and diet healthy keep at it for a few more months and then ask if you could reduce or stop taking the medication for a few months to see if there is an increase. My husband had to come off his medication because of the side effects, cough, cramp vomiting and headaches. It wasn't until he came off them that they realised he in fact had anaemia and had to go on iron pills. Now he is on very weak blood pressure medication, is within parameters and his iron levels are good.

Thanks a lot for your feedback. Like 2squirrels said that some people have natural blood pressure as high or low. I think that us case with me. I remember, when I was about 21 or 22 a doctor checked my blood pressure and it was higher than normal but he said i dont to worry about that because some people have high blood pressure naturally and he never gave me any medication. I have been checking my blood pressure since two years and for last two years I did not take any medicine. But this high blood pressure never gave me any problem. The only thing I have noticed in my health is short of breath. I do not have any pain of any kind or any other symptoms.

If you are finding you are short of breath that too could be many things. Of course it could be an indication of heart problems but also asthma, hayfever, allergic reaction to work environment especially if you work in an office with air conditioning, your girlfriend's perfume! If the breathlessness continues and you can't trace the source, go and ask your GP for a lung test and blood work and see what results. (Also the worse cause of breathlessness is STRESS!!!!!) so don't get too hot and botherered, you are relatively young and there are lots of avenues you can go down to get to the bottom of your problems. All the best

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