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Blood pressure meds an leg pain/ache


Hi anyone experienced lower leg pain/ache on blood pressure meds. Not sure if this this or pulled something during training. It's been on and off for a few months.

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Yes I got pains in the front of my lower leg which I initially blamed on bisoprolol, it has gone in one leg I am still on a lower dose of bisoprolol and a lower dose of ramipril, I have recently increased my ramipril dose, and will check if the pains returns in the other leg.

I have found that if I do a warm up before exercise, as I did during Cardio-Rehab that I did not get the pain in either leg.

I am working on what is the root cause, there are too many parameters and it is difficult to change one at a time. My memory tells me that I didn't get the pains pre-bisoprolol, I don't think my body likes beta-blockers, but that means my heart rate gets rapid quickly and takes a long time to com back down again.

Mine is lower leg at the back. Between the ankle and the calf. Sprayed it with magnesium and that seems to help a bit

not very good on physiology, but isn't the connection between the calf and ankle ligament (perhaps called hamstrings) I am not sure what is on the front between calf and foot, although I guess its similar, I will have to google it, phone a friend.

I took amlodipine for a month and had to change it to Ramipril due to having body ache, inc leg pain. Since then the pain has stopped.

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