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How accurate are portable prick test devices? Or go for NHS blood test every three months?

The reason for asking these questions is given below:

Life line scanning give printed results for fasting cholesterol and blood sugar. BG=8.77 on right hand.

Chemist non fasting BG= 5.7, 4 hours after breakfast.

Last week

Chemist fasting on right hand BG=7.3

Chemist fasting on left hand BG= 8.7

This week

GP nurse fasting on right hand BG=6.8

GP nurse fasting on left hand BG=7.3

Is it contamination? Or is it to do with portable devices?

Have a testing session with Blue crest next week. I am doing all these as part of my two year journey to help me to understand blood testing numbers.

HbA1C two years ago was 75 and now it is 50, this is because of life style change and food intake.

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Blood glucose levels can change from minute to minute, as far as I understand. Don't know why you have such variations between hands! Have you asked for an explanation?



Thanks. will be asking GP next week.


Hi Bala,

I'm sure it's the variation in the hand held monitors plus the factors that can affect blood glucose, particularly exercise.

I suppose a solution would be to buy your own monitor (they are quite cheap, especially if you buy on the internet) and take it at the same time on the same hand, then you at least would get a set of standardised readings. I think the hospital lab tests are the most accurate, providing you always go to the same hospital of course!


Home monitoring systems are for guidelines only. They are not accurate. But can indicate if BG is down, up or stable.


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