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I found out i have plagiocephaly when i was 19. I feel so suicidal ever since


Hello everyone. Im from Africa and to my knowledge i feel like I'm the only one here with plagio. When i was little i always knew that something is off about me. They way people receive my siblings is different from how they interact with me both adults and my peers. Funny enough people say im a handsome boy and i grew up thinking that. So each time a girl stare at me i think she to thinks im handsome only i found out about plagio now i feel really ashamed and what if that girl was just wondering how in the hell will someone face be this f**ked up. Things are really bad ever since. Im so mad at my parents

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Hi Kennedyub, it sounds like things are tough for you, so it's great you're reaching out to connect with people who might understand what you're going through. I've also sent you a private message. We have a number of people with plagiocephaly on the forum, so you're not alone, and I hope you find this a supportive place to share your feelings.

This forum isn't able to provide crisis support, and if you're suicidal it's really important you get the right kind of help. We'd strongly encourage you to confide in a healthcare professional or local mental health service, and explain how you're feeling so you can get the support you deserve. If you ever feel like you're in danger of causing harm to yourself, we'd urge you to contact the emergency services in your area.

Take care.

Your defnitly not alone. There are a lot of plagios in here including me. Im a type 3 to with facial deviation. I know how you feel my family also ignored me throughout my life

AlwaysSmilingCommunity Ambassador

Hello Kennedyub,

Your feelings are very understandable considering what you have been through. Just know that you are not alone here and everyone here can support you whether they too have the condition or not.

As for girls, you do not need to worry about that. There will be plenty of girls out there who like you for who you are. The girls who stare for the wrong reasons are not worth your time!

I really hope you start to feel an improvement soon. Stay strong!💪😊

youniqueCommunity Ambassador

Hi Kennedy! Welcome. I'm a plagio girl (well, woman lol) 🙋and I understand what you are going through. I had a lot of anger because my condition wasn't addressed. I was resentful over that for a long time. Later I found out they didn't want me to feel different, or to turn it into an issue. So that's been hard, because, I am different and it has been an issue. Denying that doesn't help. Even now after all these years I still keep to myself for the most part since few people understand how I feel. It's discouraging when people react in some of the ways they do. Or if they claim they know what it's like when they could not possibly know what it's like. So instead I come here and talk about this stuff and that's been very helpful. :)

Also it's important to keep in mind that being good looking and having a visible difference are not mutually exclusive. You can be both. I'm sure many of those women looked at you because they thought you were handsome. Not everyone cares if we look different. Even if they had noticed, that doesn't mean they were turned off or changed how they saw you. We can't really say for sure, but maybe other people aren't thinking anything bad about us at all when they see we look different. That is, IF they even notice.

Glad you've joined the forum, hopefully you find some comfort here.

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